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Astronauts in Space Have a Round HeartAstronauts in Space Have a Round Heart
10 Apr.
astronauts in space attained a round shape. This may lead to serious heart problems. In space, the heart puts in minimal effort. This, in turn, leads to a quick loss in muscle mass. Upon returning to Earth, such...
The soul lives in my heartThe soul lives in my heart
10 Oct.
After receiving transplants from donor organs, the receivers mysteriously show changes in character. A few days ago from Naples, Silvana Peska court gave the surgeon did surgery on her heart transplant. Informed...
Heard my nameHeard my name
25 Apr.
I would be sound asleep, and I could hear a whisper some one saing my name, I could not wake up or move. Then a few seconds later I would hear my name again a little louder, I could not wake up or move. Then a few...
The Three Zodiac Signs with the Kindest HeartThe Three Zodiac Signs with the Kindest Heart
18 July
It could very well be that all humans are born with a kind heart. But life changes us, sometimes in a negative way. Only 3 zodiac signs can't help but be good-natured and loving. Naturally, there's good people from...
Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of the HeartPalmistry - Meaning of the Line of the Heart
23 Oct.
The line of the heart is an extremely important line of the hand. It is a horizontal line above the line of reasoning - located in the upper part of the palm, at the base of the fingers. The line symbolizes...
Star signs and healthStar signs and health
18 Dec.
. Leo representatives are in danger of heart attacks and strokes, mostly due to the fact that they allow too much physical exertion, without sparing the heart and head. Virgo representatives suffer from diseases...
I can make things heat upI can make things heat up
10 June
I can make things heat up just by looking at them and make things shake by looking at them. When something really bad is about to happen I feel sick to my stomach all day until it happens what does this mean....
Proven! We Hear Even During SleepProven! We Hear Even During Sleep
23 Sept.
whether they heard the words being spoken to them by moving either their left or right hand. Sid Kouider's team from the laboratory of cognitive and psycholinguistic sciences from the French National Center for...
Buried Heart of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent FoundBuried Heart of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Found
14 Dec.
years. In his time, the Ottoman Empire expanded significantly. According to historians, the sultan's heart and some internal organs were buried at the location of his death, while his body was buried in...
Which Music Heals?Which Music Heals?
29 June
There is no question that music has an effect on human emotions. Some songs make us angry, others sad, yet still others put is in a romantic mood. But is it possible for music to have an influence on health...
Personality Traits of red headsPersonality Traits of red heads
20 Sept.
Red hair color attracts attention like no other. Women with red hair always looks sexy and hot and never go unnoticed. 1. Naturally red hair is seen only on about 4% of people. The pigment of red heads is a result of...
The Technique for Hearing the Voice of your Heart, Not your ReasoningThe Technique for Hearing the Voice of your Heart, Not your Reasoning
23 Jan.
When making important decisions, many folks prefer to listen to the voice of their heart and intuition, but this is difficult because the instinct of reason is, in most cases, the louder one. But if you too would...
Can Colors Heal?Can Colors Heal?
22 Jan.
influence on the spinal column. Because of its alleviating properties it's used in treatments for migraine, heart attack and inflammation. Light blue shades calm. But spending excessive amounts of time in a...
How cats heal peopleHow cats heal people
07 Oct.
those who do not have cats. Cats soothe and reduce blood pressure. Cats stabilize your heart, eliminating joint pain and headaches, promotes rapid healing and lowering inflammation. The therapeutic effect of cats...
If you hear voices, reduce the coffeeIf you hear voices, reduce the coffee
07 Jan.
Excess caffeine drinks can bring you to the state in which you hear different voices in your head. Signaling this discovery are Australian scientists quoted by Daily Mail tabloid. Into such situations one may...

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