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If you hear voices, reduce the coffee


Excess caffeine drinks can bring you to the state in which you hear different voices in your head. Signaling this discovery are Australian scientists quoted by Daily Mail tabloid.

Into such situations one may fall after the fifth cup of the fragrant drink. Besides voices, in your ears can rang songs or other strange noises.

The most dangerous is when a devastating combination of coffee and stress begin to arise in humans, with symptoms resembling psychosis.

Besides hearing voices, excess caffeine may cause hallucinations. It can be reached after the seventh cup of coffee per day.

Reason for the ills lies in the hormone cortisol, which is released as a result of excessive consumption of invigorating drugs. Another name for cortisol is stress hormone. One of the "properties" is to induce visions.

Excess of brewed coffee leads to an increase in so-called. "Bad" cholesterol. As a result it is able to have a negative effect on tone and function of blood vessels.

People with high blood pressure must also be careful with caffeine drinks, as they can significantly increase the risk of development of permanent hypertension. Unreasonable consumption leads to cardiac arrhythmia.

Ladies who did not receive enough calcium in their daily menu should also be cautious. Over 600 ml. coffee a day increases the secretion of calcium excretion. Consequently, the increased risk of osteoporosis as well.

Not at the least excess coffee leads to lasting sleep disturbances. Difficulty falling asleep, waking up easier, reducing the strength of sleep are just some of the unpleasant effects, occurring in most people.