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Feng Shui for strengthening the relationship

Feng Shui for strengthening the relationship

The relationship Gua is the area which is located in the far right corner to the entrance of the room or home. There you can concentrate on attracting new friends, on starting a serious relationship or even marriage.

This area affects your ability to create meaningful relationships and to maintain and develop them. Find out what items to put there and what to avoid to improve contacts with others.

What is appropriate for the Gua of love?

Mirrors, especially round and oval!

Go all pink, because pink is originally the color of love.

Also good are photos of loved ones. Just make sure you don’t put too many pictures of friends, to prevent a potential partner from reaching you because of excessive numbers of people.

Place pairs of objects. Align pairs of objects such as candlesticks, two flowers or two crystals are ideal. Keep them together. If you are looking for romance, a pair of ducks in the form of figurines, engraving or embroidery of a dragon and phoenix, are traditionally used for this purpose.

Everything beautiful or inspiring is good. Works of art, poetry, comfortable seating for things - everything that nourishes your soul will also help you to improve your ability to attract, receive or deserve good things in life.

What to avoid in the Gua of love?

Television is one of those items. Avoid developing relationships with television characters instead of real people.

Computers are also bad. Unless you plan to find a partner online, computers have no place here. You risk spending too much time at the computer and not enough time face to face with people.

Everything which ticks. If you are looking for love loads of ticking makes you feel that you have enough time to create a link with the selected partner.

Place semi-precious stones in the southwest corner of your house to enhance love, romance and relationships. Create a love angle in the southwest bedroom. Insert pictures or figures of happy couples surrounded with hearts, flowers, pigeons and budgies.

Add gold, red or pink crystals in the corner of love.

Collect heart-shaped boxes from porcelain, terracotta or stones from the beach with a similar form. Place them in pairs in the corner of love.

Keep items the shape of bats in this area to enhance the satisfaction of your partner. Bats represent happiness, good fortune, longevity and security.

Place candles in the shape of hearts and accessories of earth materials such as terracotta, stone and clay in the southwest corner to enhance love, romance, relationships and marriage. Use yellow, pink, red and white objects.

Hang a crystal chandelier in the southwestern part of your home to attract love, especially if your living room is there.