Square Between Mars and Neptune Creates Tension Until Mid-March

From February 18 to March 18, Mars in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces form a tense configuration that could lead to heated arguments and outbursts of anger.

Mars is the planet of action, Neptune - the planet of fantasies, which could turn out to mean that a great part of our plans so far have been illusions and our expectations may pop like soap bubbles.

The clash between the energies of the 2 planets could also lead to passiveness and ambiguity, in turn provoking severe conflicts, especially religious-based ones.

Since both Sagittarius and Pisces are signs unified by faith, during the next few weeks we'll be more prone to fanaticism regarding issues dealing with our spiritual nature.

In such a period, actions become irrational and we're therefore advised to postpone larger projects. The chance of accidents due to carelessness is also not inconsequential, so remain wary and don't let yourself be distracted.

Since Neptune is the planet responsible for secrets, we may encounter drama and quarrels more often in the days until March 18 that aim to slow down our initial plans. Share only with people you trust and don't boast of your successes because you'd quickly attract ill-wishers.


Over the next few weeks you may also face unpleasant circumstances, the result of past mistakes you've made. Now is the right time to overcome your guilt.

The square between Mars and Neptune may also bring to the fore many hidden agendas. Fraud, betrayal and cheating will not be spared the light of day.

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