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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces - What to Expect

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From June 12 to November 8, Neptune will be moving backward in Pisces. Because of the planet's retrogradation, expect big dreams, strong intuition and delusions.

Neptune is retrograde once per year for a period of about 5 months. In astrology it's a symbol of a spiritual beginning, intuition, dreams, art, but also trickery, illusions and manipulations.

During its retrogradation, the areas of life controlled by Neptune are intensified. What this means is that the coming months will present hazier and more indistinct events.

If we fall in love with someone during this period, we'll have more of a tendency than usual to idolize them. It's also possible for a person from the past or an old relationship to come back, one where relations have remained ambiguous.

Neptune also predisposes us to erroneous perception of words and actions.

Difficult months lie ahead for people who easily give in to their fears and their worries may completely push them away from reality.

Retrograde Neptune intensifies our desire for alcohol, drugs and gambling.


People will find it harder to find the truth and will easily give in to their own illusions and dreams. Our tendency to fool our own selves will put us in an unrealistic world until November 8.

But as if to make up for this, our intuition will be many times higher than normal, with the majority of people striving for spiritual growth and expressions of empathy toward the needy.

Neptune is the sign ruler of the zodiac sign of Pisces and the fact that it's within its territory will make all of the positive and negative things that will happen in the period of retrogradation brighter and more noticeable.

With the planet's backward motion, most people's sensitivity sharpens. Our inner voice and our dreams especially will be clearer and may hint at future events.

After Neptune's retrogradation, there are 3 more periods of retrogradation planets to occur by the end of the year. After July, Uranus begins its backward movement in Aries, and Venus between Virgo and Leo, while the 3rd retrogradation period begins in September - Mercury in Libra.