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Weekly Horoscope Until June 15th


This week, Neptune becomes retrograde in Pisces, Mercury continues its backward motion in Cancer, and a tense square will form between Mars, Uranus and Pluto.

On Friday, the full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius.

Aries - a hectic week with new opportunities

The square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto, which will form this Saturday, will cause many arguments in every aspect for Aries. The full moon on Friday will bring forth many new opportunities for Aries, which absolutely must be taken advantage of.

Taurus - you lose trust in your friends

The trine between Venus and Pluto on Monday will give you a boost for growth during the week but the retrograde Neptune will make you doubt your friends and it is possible for some of them to lose your trust. Bravely stand and face your fears from the past.


Gemini - the obstacles this week provoke your ingenuity

The retrograde Mercury and the square between Mars and Uranus will place many obstacles before Gemini, but if they are ingenious enough, they will handle the challenges. Do not be critical this week but rather place yourself in the shoes of those around you. Look for the similarities in a person, not the differences.

Cancer - it's time for evaluation

The harmonic aspect between Venus and Pluto will free you of your concerns for a short time. The week will predispose you to give up some harmful habits. The square on Saturday will remind you of past mistakes, from which you must take the respective lessons.

Leo - a week filled with emotions

The retrogradation of Mercury and Neptune will make Leos remember the past, with some representatives of the sign returning to the homes of their birth, where many pleasant emotions await them. This week you will focus on organizing vacations and festivities.

Virgo - look for mistakes

The pedantry of Virgos will be in full force this week. You will bring order in the home as well as at work, with the retrograde Mercury advising you to carefully look over documentation for mistakes. A large portion of people will accuse you of being intolerant.

Full Moon

Libra - do not succumb to conflicts

Mars, which enters a tense square this Saturday, will create quite a conflicting atmosphere around Libras, which you must not succumb to. The retrograde Neptune supports you in all undertakings dealing with your spiritual growth.

Scorpio - you change your plans on the go

The opposition between Venus and Saturn this Saturday will make Scorpios neglect their partner, in order to pay attention to their career. The retrograde Mercury will force you to change your plans often; it is a must for you to have a backup plan at all times.

Sagittarius - you will defend your freedom and peace

The full moon in the sign of Sagittarius this Friday will have the representatives of the sign face one remarkable week. On one hand they will have a strong desire for ostentation but on the other - they will have to place a barrier between themselves and others, in order to keep their personal freedom and peace.

Capricorn - avoid scandals


Those born under the sign of Capricorn will have to avoid conflicts at work this week because they will not be in a favorable position and will lose the argument. It is possible for you to give the cold shoulder to your partner and to focus on the practical aspects in your life.

Aquarius - you will have need of support and protection

The astrological setting this week will drive Aquarians to seek advice, help and protection from their loved ones. The full moon on Friday will focus your attention on the results of a joint effort, which you have worked on some time ago.

Pisces - your emotions come to the fore

The retrogradation of 3 planets in a water sign - Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, will bring all of the suppressed emotions of Pisces out in the open. The full moon on Friday will prompt the representatives of this zodiac sign to choose between a professional and family issue.