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Numerology Prognosis Until March 27


To find out what numerology has in store for you this week, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - Your life will do a sudden 180. It's highly likely you begin the week trying to put things back in order. Be patient, especially if the situation is uncertain or stressful. Leave honest conversations for later and try to make sure everything is under control. Stick to what you're familiar with and don't try to act cool in front of others.

2 - This week you'll set certain boundaries on your emotions. The stakes may be very high when it comes to true love. Some people can turn into lovers without revealing the deepest levels of their soul. But to achieve true intimacy between partners what's required is gentleness and honesty. Stop allowing past bouts of malice and anger to dominate your thinking - it's the only way to start with a clean slate. Listen more and talk less.

3 - Relations will be the most important thing for you this week. What's important is that you feel safe in order to be completely trusting and open. You may face certain misunderstandings due to unrealistic expectations. Some of you will appear to be excessively demanding, behind which you hide your feeling of insecurity. This isn't the way to improve your position. Try to be a bit less judgmental and more receptive when communicating with children, partners and the people you work with.

4 - You'll bounce between your desire to believe that dreams can come true and the way too realistic and even skeptical view toward things in your life. Be patient and watch how things work out on their own. It's always a good choice to be an optimist, instead of always expecting the worst. Try to show more interest toward your friends and their activities. You don't need to be in the spotlight to be appreciated by others.

5 - The week suitable for building up close relationships. Surround yourself with charming and flexible people. Don't hesitate to share your artistic and creative ideas. This way you'll find people who'll help you make the world a more beautiful place, as well as ones who will support and appreciate you. Thursday marks the beginning of the period during which it's wise to think over past events. Thoughts of a past love won't leave your mind.

6 - Expect a very romantic week filled with emotions. Pleasant contact with people you don't know well will help you feel better and comprehend the prospects before you. Don't be afraid to share your problems with those who have proven their loyalty to you. It's particularly important to take on every challenge with a smile and with bravery. Your anxieties and any sort of thought that you can't do it are your enemies. The best decisions are made with calm and confidence.

7 - Don't expect you or others to be perfect. Excessively high requirements create discontent and tension. Try to reduce the amount of obligations you have and simplify your life. If your standards are too high, your fear of ending up alone prevails or you are suffering from an obsession of constantly standing out, it is wise to think about whether you aren't missing the important things in life. It may be a lot more pleasant without your thousands of requirements. The weekend is perfect for an outing.

8 - You're going to have a week brimming with energy that will help you finish all of your tasks. The most important thing is that you'll handle them by yourself. You may become too demanding, even aggressive. To relieve yourself of the stress you can exercise or do mental exercises, even if these are not typical of you. An absence of these cosmic energies may result in a feeling of fear or panic. Don't allow uncertainty to control your thoughts and actions.


9 - Love is in the air. An exceptionally delightful and fun week lies ahead, one shared with your beloved. You'll be in a good mood and appear more gracious than you typically are. All of this will lead to a passionate romance. If you're single, you'll be with your friends and meet new ones. Think about which things you don't like in your life and how you can change them. Don't be ashamed to clearly announce the things you want.

11 - You're going to feel overburdened with responsibilities. Simplify your schedule and limit your family obligations. You won't turn into a bad person if you say "no" sometimes. Don't let concerns dominate your life. People will appreciate you for who you are, so stop thinking about how you look and the status of your bank account. Children and pets sometimes give us the most valuable lessons about what's truly important. Rest more and do only things that make you feel good.

22 - You'll enjoy a new friendship, regardless of whether it's born out of business or personal relations. Use every opportunity you can to talk to people who share your interests. Communicate, send messages and use the web as much as possible this week. Even if you're busy, set aside some time for yourself and enjoy the simple pleasures. Life isn't just ups and downs, there's periods of stability as well. Enjoy talking to friends and family - this always goes well with a nice meal.