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Retrograde Pluto Until October: a Dark Period of Wars and Changes!

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Pluto is the farthest and smallest planet in astrology. In fact, a few years ago its status as a planet was taken away. Regardless, the celestial body has continued its influence over the zodiac signs and society as a whole.

The retrograde period of Pluto in Capricorn began on April 22 and will continue until October 1. This is going to bring failures in various aspects of life to a number of people. The good thing is it's not going to cause cardinal and extreme changes.

The period is going to be quite intense. The reason is that Pluto's power will be augmented by Saturn, which will also be retrograde. The combination of these 2 planets is going to lead to changes in the life of every sign.


Pluto always comes bringing not only personal changes but changes in large groups of people and communities. Its energy makes every individual ponder over their priorities in life for themselves. It provides us the courage to seek new, vitally needed prosperity.

Retrograde Pluto doesn't just affect individuals. It can and will drive changes in the state system. Each person will have to reanalyze their political views.

To take advantage of the period utilize its retrograde aspect to work on yourself. Meditate, clear your mind and get rid of prejudices. The energy supports anyone determined to rid themselves of bad habits.


Changes during this period could lead to a personality transformation. Don't forget - every transformation is for the better.

Retrograde Pluto requires that you throw away all old and unneeded items from your home and your life. Put an end to all undesired relations and change your job to one your heart's into.


Pluto, thought small, stirs excitement and commotion. It's not the cause but the catalyst. Astrologers warn that during periods of retrograde Pluto we see massive bloodshed and political changes in countries around the world.

Pluto brings to the fore everything unneeded, everything that's subject to change. The period is extremely dangerous and requires a lot of effort to suppress the negative emotions.