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Mars is Retrograde - What to Watch Out for

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From April 18 to June 30, Mars will be in apparent backward motion between the signs Sagittarius and Scorpio. In this period, individuals who practice physically active professions, such as athletes, those in the military and police officers, will be more vulnerable.

When Mars is retrograde, most people are more irritable and needlessly vain. The apprehension affects us, some may even remember insults and rekindle the flames of old conflicts.

In this period we become more aggressive. Trauma and accidents are also possible due to inattentiveness. We have to be more careful if driving or working with sharp objects.

The movement of the Red Planet will slow our actions and even the most decisive people will begin to experience doubts. Our slower reactions will waste our energy, making it harder to finish our tasks.

Frequent arguments regarding things which seem minuscule at first glance are also possible until June 30. Every opinion different from our own will provoke us and we'll go haywire easily.


Astrology advises us to primarily watch out for accidents by being more cautious on the road. To prevent big mistakes at work, look over your project several times because even the smallest discrepancies can have serious consequences.

During the period of retrograde Mars it's imperative to avoid working with sharp objects because even the simplest haircut can end badly.

Don't start any new tasks because your time and energy won't be enough. It's best to concentrate on your old assignments, while trying to finish them on time.

During this two and a half month period we'll have to learn to be a bit more purposeful in our work, focusing on our important tasks without wasting energy on little things.

Before you take specific actions, it's good to think about which fields may yield realistic achievements. Don't risk and don't rush because the consequences later will be serious.