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Weekly Horoscope Until March 20


The tense aspect between Mercury and Jupiter will cause problems in communication throughout the entire week. Some will encounter difficulties in expressing themselves, while others will be lacking the guts to say what they think.

Aries - Be more organized

The poor organization this week will be disastrous. You'll be burdened with responsibilities both at work and at home. If you postpone any tasks, they'll only pile up as the week progresses and cause you even worse headaches. You need to be more disciplined and work with honesty during the weekdays, while having more fun during the weekend.

Taurus - Tension and stress at work

The week will start off with tension and stress at the workplace, while you also find it more difficult to integrate your opinion with that of others. However, the situation will begin to relax toward the middle of the week, making your work significantly easier. During the weekend you can travel and visit a new place with those close to you.

Gemini - Problems will appear one after the other

You'll be forced to deal with more than a few problems this week. You need to be more dynamic and act quickly, in order to take control of the unforeseen difficulties. Creating a good schedule will help you bring order to the chaos. Also seek out people who you can cooperate with and who understand your work methods. Even though stress will beleaguer you all week, try to finish your tasks on time.

Cancer - New challenges arise

At the start of the week you'll face problems at work but starting Wednesday the stress will diminish. Your intuition will begin to crop up and protect you from the bigger troubles. It's no time to be picky or afraid, face the challenges before you by relying solely on your own abilities. Beginning this week you can start down a new road, as long as you're brave enough to start from scratch.

Leo - The chaos will cause you trouble

You'll be lacking the necessary clarity this week and your decisiveness might burn out completely for a while. The situations will likely confuse you and it'll be hard for you to make concrete decisions. But if you get in a creative mindset you'll find a variety of opportunities (and maybe even ideas) in the chaos around you that'll help you solve the problems. Be artistic until March 20 so that you learn better flexibility and ingenuity.

Virgo - Others will help you realize one of your dreams


You'll feel an intellectual supremacy over others from the beginning of the week. Your ability to spot details and analyze will help you find the way out of all sorts of situations without a problem. From the middle of the week you may receive a ton of support for realizing a dream of yours. Your strong sides will be noticed by the right people, thereby helping your development.

Libra - Exercise will relieve your tension

The new week is a perfect period for taking better care of your body by exercising or going on a diet. Exercise and various relaxation techniques will help you escape the tension at the workplace. You'll have quite a few tasks, the majority of them written unclearly, which is why solving them may take more time. Remain honest and open in your romantic relationship so that you don't cause additional problems for yourself.

Scorpio - You have the opportunity to win a large sum of money

From the beginning of the week, new doors for growth will open before you. Even unexpected events will be to your benefit if you gain control quickly over yourself and the circumstances. In the middle of the week an opportunity for getting which will arise. Even though it might be a few week before you're able to count the money, a deal or investment made by March 20 will be highly profitable.

Sagittarius - An important project surfaces this week

This week you can show others how flexible you are by quickly handling any problems that appear. This week you will be given a project that is key to your development. You have good ideas and need to defend them from opponents. Your travels will yield success and you may renew your contact with people who no longer live in the same city as you.


Capricorn - You'll work on administrative issues

You'll feel like you're the only even-tempered person, in comparison to everyone else, who can't organize their daily lives very well. Beginning midweek you'll have to deal with administrative issues you've so far ignored. Give them their due attention and avoid risky actions. The more nonstandard you are the more likely the problems will be solved to your advantage.

Aquarius - Communication will be beneficial

Your daily life will be quite dynamic this week. It won't be any surprise if you're the center of this action and you have to give advice to people with problems. Don't avoid groups because your communication with others may positively affect your creative side and give you new ideas that affect your financial condition.

Pisces - Conflicts with coworkers are coming

This week you'll feel like you're doing the same task over and over again. The days until March 20 will be busy at work and conflicts with coworkers may emerge as a result of misunderstood words. Don't quit tasks you've begun. At the end of the week you'll have more opportunities to show your strong sides and talents.



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