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Mars Enters Virgo! See What the Planet of Action Advises

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Mars in Virgo

From September 5 to October 22, Mars, the planet of action, ambitions and conflicts, will be traversing the territory of the sign of Virgo. Because the sign is an intellectual one, this is going to settle the primal temperament of the Red Planet.

While Mars is in the earth sign, our energy is going to be directed toward more routine and precise work. We are going to give the small details the attention they deserve, in order to reassure ourselves that we're not only completing our tasks on time but doing so in a quality manner.

Until October 22, it's possible that we have a more critical and practical approach when it comes to our actions, rather than being so spontaneous. Our more reserved behavior is going to allow us to work with more consistency as well.

The coming weeks aren't suitable for starting new projects but you can focus on what you've already begun and perfect it until it reaches its most ideal form possible.

Don't ignore the opportunities for improving your professional qualifications or building upon skills that you can use in your practice.


The movement of Mars in Virgo also predisposes us to leading a healthier way of life. Now is the most suitable time for quitting your unhealthy habits and creating a healthy lifestyle to adhere to.

During the next few weeks, also try to steer your actions toward helping others because you'll suffer if you focus only on your own personal well-being.

Whatever ideas and plans you have, try to have their realization benefit others, as the more people you help, the more fulfilled you'll be.

Utilize your intellect and analyticity to evaluate reality and spot the small details. Try to create order around yourself, even if this means being more strict for a time.

Since Mars also reigns over the sexual energy in astrology, while it's in Virgo it's likely we'll be more attracted to intelligent, practical and precise people, who work hard and with discipline.