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Numerology Horoscope Until March 1st


If you wish to find out what the week until March 1st has in store for you according to numerology, find out your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep betting until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - This week you will feel highly competent in every aspect of life. Because of this you may get angry and lose your temper with people that don't agree with your opinion. You'll be forced to work more than usual until March 1st but you need to balance your obligations with breaks.

2 - This week your adaptability will reach its peak. In the days to come you'll feel more open to new things and the cooperation of others will allow you to achieve huge successes. Your goodwill toward friends and coworkers will pay off. A new love may appear on the horizon.

3 - In the days until March 1st, you'll be focused on keeping secrets. You'll prefer to keep quiet about certain actions which you are not proud of. Your need to control your emotions will also be strong in the coming days. You are expected to give a helping hand to someone close to you that's in trouble.

4 - In the days ahead you'll feel more vulnerable than usual. Your feeling of inferiority and insecurity will be higher. You may also be more jealous and exhibit a proprietorial attitude toward your partner. You must show more trust and understanding in your relationship if you wish for it to take off. Accept your faults in your daily life and learn to live with them.

5 - You are given the opportunity to shine brightly this week. Get in an optimistic mindset and gather your strength. Your creative imagination and will to help others will also be strongly expressed until March 1st. Share and apply your ideas and you will reap incredible successes.

Number 1

6 - You'll feel the strong desire to be in the spotlight in the days until March 1st. You'll want to dominate over everyone else at every given moment. Your opportunities for growth are decent but you'll have to cooperate with others.

7 - Your feelings will be hurt this week and you'll want to hide your battered ego at all costs. The energy until March 1st advises you to seek new ways toward change. You are advised to travel more, meet with friends and help others.

8 - This week you'll be concerned about your family's well-being. Trust your instincts and intuition in every situation. You may even end up playing the role of a diplomat and peacemaker between loved ones in conflict.

9 - Be more penny-wise this week, even if you have an incredible desire to spend. You must build on your trust with your loved ones these coming days, even though you'll want to keep some things to yourself and not share. Spend more time with your family at home.

11 - This week will be very hectic at work. Don't let your tasks accumulate, work methodically and purposefully. Think carefully before you take a step. Maintain your sense of humor in every situation and try to have fun.

22 - You need to make a list of all the things you need to get done this week. Work on only the important things and avoid any additional burdens. Pay attention to your health as well and if necessary change some of your habits. Look rationally and seriously at everything that's happening to you.