Signs That your Soul is Sick, According to the Ancient Shamans

The ancient shamans believed that physical and mental illnesses were linked and that as such, in order to heal the body, one must first heal their soul. They also believed that there were several signs that showed when a person's psyche was in need of healing.

Shamans were healers thought to possess a higher level of consciousness. They could tap into other dimensions and look at the whole of reality from afar, without being distracted by the small details.

While doctors focus on the outer aspect of a disease, shamans concentrated on the inner world.

They believed that our soul gave several signs when it was sick and that if we reacted at the very first symptoms, we could save ourselves from physical problems later on.


Find out the 3 symptoms below, according to which the ancient shamans said that our soul required healing.

1. You're filled with fear

There are different sources of fear but if this strong emotion is not understood and overcome, it will lead to severe nervousness and anxiety that will destroy our emotional balance. Continued resistance of your fears prevents your soul from experiencing this emotion fully and what comes after it.

2. You feel as if nothing matters


No matter how strong the roots of our personal principles and dreams, there always comes a moment when we begin doubting them. A life of routine, not aimed at a higher purpose or one in which we've lost faith in our personal abilities, slowly leads to a condition of chronic anxiety and depression. That is why it's important to keep one's faith, regardless if it's in God, astrology or numerology. There needs to be some kind of spiritual aspect to support a person and push them toward development.

3. You're not taking care of yourself

Whatever the reason for not taking care of yourself, this is going to affect both your physical and mental health. If you overconsume unhealthy foods, alcohol or suppress your emotions and desires in order to please others, this is going to affect you. It's crucial to have balance between giving and receiving in life, so try to create equilibrium between what you give others and what you give to yourself.

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