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These Signs Indicate That your Soul has Reincarnated More than Once

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There are several signs that reveal that you carry an old soul and that you've reincarnated more than once. Usually, this is felt by one's intuition but there are also several obvious signs that can give this away.

It's easy to tell from a very early age when a soul has lived many lives and accumulated vast experience. All it takes is one conversation to find out that you're talking to a wise person, regardless of their age.

If you're an ancient soul, it's likely you've known this since you were a kid and have stood out among others. From an early age, you've been thinking like one who has had vast life experience.

It's likely that your insight is beyond ordinary and if you were to ever learn to listen to it, you'd become a real medium.


1. You love being by yourself

The first telltale sign that you've reincarnated many times is if you enjoy the time when you're completely alone. Even as a kid, you probably isolated yourself from large groups and preferred being alone with your thoughts. Old souls are always introverted, while those who have yet to be reborn many times are extroverted.

2. You are creative

Due to the numerous times they've reincarnated, old souls have acquired various talents. If you're able to write, draw or sing, without putting in much effort, it means you've lived a multitude of lives. You know how to utilize your imagination and express your talents in front of others.

3. You can easily put yourself in the shoes of others


Individuals with ancient souls can show tolerance toward a different point of view. Their ability to see a situation from another viewpoint makes them adept analysts, who can peer into the deeper meaning of your words.

4. You sympathize toward others' problems

Persons with old souls are more sensitive than others and feel strong empathy. They can start crying when someone else is and feel emotions that aren't their own.

5. Spiritual subjects interest you

If you're drawn to subjects related to the Universe, stars and the soul, it's likely you've reincarnated more than once. Only old souls realize that there's something much greater than the material world around us.



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