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Choose your dog according to your star sign

Nina NordNina Nord

The dog is the first animal domesticated by man. If you want to get a dog, but do not know what breed you choose, the choice be of your zodiac sign.

Ambitious stubborn Aries will feel great with a friendly and unpretentious huskies. Good-natured, giant Newfoundland are recommended for the conservative Taurus.

Colies, which are renowned for their nature and ease of attachment to people are an ideal choice for the most mercurial of the zodiac sign - Gemini.

Strong and balanced temperament of the Airedale terrier is beneficial, and will affect the psyche of the sensual and fragile Cancers. Lio, which is designed to be a leader, you will feel best with a beautiful Great Dane.

Shepard Dogs

Attractive, cheerful, happy little Maltese poodle, no doubt, is the ideal choice for intelligent and loving everything beautiful Virgo, especially if it is a woman of this sign.

Generous and balanced Libra will be complemented perfectly by the Afghan hound. Dogs of this breed are filled with self-esteem and love comfort - as well as do Libras.

The best owner for the Giant Schnauzer is a Scorpio. Playful, slow, wiser breed will bring harmony into the lives of a Scorpio, who is torn between extremes and contradictions.

Sagittarius will soften their emotions with a German Shepherd. Vigor and sincerity are characteristic for both dog and owner.

Good companion for Capricorn is the Rottweiler. This breed needs a good, but firm attitude that is characteristic of Capricorn. Aquarius is good to be oriented towards a smart and friendly dog, like the retriever.

Pisces, who prefer solitude and contemplation, will be happy in the company of the legendary Doberman. It will perfectly complement the intuitive nature of Pisces.