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Signs That your Guardian Angel is Warning you of Danger


They say that each one of us has a guardian angel, who not only protects us from misfortune and bad luck but even sends us certain signs in an attempt to warn us about possible dangers and give us important life advice.

For example, getting ink on your hands is a typical angelic message, according to mystics. Through it, your special guardian is trying to give you a hint that you're going to experience certain difficulties at work and that now is not the time to engage in important negotiations with your boss.

Seeing the same number 4 or more times in the same day is also considered an angelic message. If this happens, the belief goes that you must not perform risky actions on that particular day, especially ones that would leave their mark on the rest of your life. Moments such as these are unsuitable for quick marriages, shaky investments, unsafe intimate contact.

Find out what the rest of the angelic signs are that you can receive in your daily life and take them more seriously next time. It's possible for some of them to be coincidence but it's also completely possible that your guardian angel is trying to speak to you, albeit without words.

1. You often drop and break things


Don't blame this solely on your clumsiness! It's likely that your guardian angel is trying to warn you about something important. A friend or relative of yours has urgent need of your help but for some reason is not revealing their vulnerability to you. You have to quickly find out who this person is and provide them the support they need.

2. Your car breaks down unexpectedly

This is a sign that you shouldn't make any deals today. It would also be disastrous for you if you were to make hasty purchases, gamble with large sums of money or loan out money.

3. Your trip falls through

If the next time you're trying to go to your dream destination but your vacation suddenly falls through, don't despair because this will have happened for your own good. Your guardian angel will have decided that it would not have been good for you to be at the given place at the given time and all you have to do is thank them for their assistance.

4. A household appliance stops working

Regardless if it's a just a clock or a more complex device, this type of breakdown is a sign from your guardian angel that you need to be extra cautious with your finances today.


5. You hear a scream or sinister laughter from somewhere

Should this happen, don't stay out late today. There's a danger of you being attacked by a pickpocket or someone abusing intoxicating substances. Be on the lookout and get home while it's still light out.