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Dreams according to your zodiac sign

Nina NordNina Nord
Dreams according to your zodiac sign

Aries - your mind plays a greater role in the world of the unconscious, in which you dive at night. He remembers well his dreams because his mind never sleeps. Aries rarely dreams prophetic dreams, at night it is still set on its daily tasks and problems. The good thing is that during to sleep he is able to find solutions to real problems.

Taurus loves two things - good food and good sleep. He dreams many vivid dreams, which often contain information from the minds of others. This is due to the great sensitivity of the Taurus. He often has erotic dreams, and dreams related to goodies.

Gemini dream chaotic dreams - is never clear where the information ends and the unconscious begins. Variations on reality, even during sleep. Gemini dream scenes that resemble computer games. Another common dream is for them to see themselves removed.

Cancer is the sign to which dreams are a second life. It is a world filled with fantastic creatures, in which cancer prefers to live. Often he dreams that he is dead, yet continues to live in some another way.

Leo often have difficulty sleeping. He sleeps hard, dreams rarely, remembers their dreams more often, but every dream you remember carries in itself a problem, or information about the future. He often has nightmares, to which he attaches too much importance.

Virgo often dream of themselves in a different form, usually as a representative of the opposite sex. Representatives of this sign are romantics, so stories of dreams are often elevated in character - perfect love, chivalry, elegant atmospheres...

Librans tend to fly in their sleep. This may be a flight that is relaxing, but it may be an option to escape from pursuers. Another story, typical of the dreams of Libra are mythical creatures that Libra creates in their minds.

Scorpio is often dreaming dreams of magical significance. One of the most common themes in his dream is turning into an animal person and vice versa. This is related to the fact that Scorpio has an unbreakable link with nature. Many people have totems of animals. Very often Scorpio dreams of horrors that are the real manifestation of his fears and congestion, which leads to stress. Scorpio is not depressed by those dreams - rather quickly mobilized.

Sagittarius falls asleep easily and rarely dreams something that is far from reality. He dreamed mostly of people that interact often putting them in different situations in their sleep. Sometimes he dreams nightmares and believes that they portend something nasty.

Capricorn often dream about aliens, people from past ages and creatures that can not even be described. But they are not particularly important, just the fantasy of Capricorn is raging, so his mind at night is creating fantastic images.

Aquarius is the only character who can construct your own dreams. He survived in his sleep troubles and misfortunes that had happened to him during the day, and finds alternative outlets from unpleasant situations. Very rarely Aquarius has highly intelectual dreaming sleep, at such times it is typical to dream of a child, and then on his own on his mind.

For Pisces there is nothing in life other than dreams. They live with the confidence that every time they wake up, they will sleep again and everything will be fine by itself. The most common theme in Pisces is an ideal world that they create for themselves. They often dream dreams that are mystical.

Sleeping hours, which for the other signs are enough sleep, to the Pisces are absolute zero. They feel good only if they spent long hours in the country of dreams, to draw energy to exist in the real world.