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Your Lucky Number According to your Zodiac Sign

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Zodiac signs

Based on astrology and numerology, the numbers around us are loaded with meaning and carry a certain energy. Each one of us can find out our lucky number, since it depends on our zodiac sign.

Astrologers and numerologists are convinced that we need to know our lucky number and use it in our everyday life, because it can help us overcome various challenges.

Numbers are all around you and if they are not your lucky ones, you need to get away from them because they get in the way of your development.

1 - the lucky number of Leo

The number 1 is Leos' lucky number since it is the symbol of new beginnings and activity. 1 is under the patronage of the Sun, which is the sign ruler of Leo in astrology. For this star sign, 1 is a magnet for success, while 2 gets in the way of their development.

Number 2

2 - the lucky number of Cancer

For Cancers, 2 brings the love and stability that they have need of. 2 will provide them with luck if they use it in their daily life. Cancers need to avoid the number 1, because it will hinder their growth.

3 - the lucky number of Aries and Scorpio

Since both astrological signs are ruled by Mars, their lucky number is 3. To see progress, Aries and Scorpios need to surround themselves with 3's - in their cell phone number, home address and to make important decisions on the 3rd of each month. 3 is also encoded in the triangle, which can be used as a talisman in the home.

4 - the lucky number of Gemini and Virgo

4 is ruled over by the planet Mercury and bears the energy of knowledge, science and commerce skills. 4's bring luck to Geminis and Virgos, which is why they need to surround themselves with them. The strange thing is that the fatal number 13 is also a lucky number for both signs.

5 - the lucky number of Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, 5 is especially lucky if they have a job in communications. 5 also boosts the fire sign's luck in general. A perfect good luck charm for them is a star with 5 rays.

6 - the lucky number of Taurus and Libra

6 brings the right amount of harmony for Taurus and Libra. This number will provide them with satisfaction, especially if they are doing something they love. The number 6 will bring success in love and at work for both signs, if they surround themselves with it.

7 - the lucky number of Capricorn


The number 7 will bring the greatest luck to Capricorns. 7's will help representatives of this sign deal with challenges more easily. 7 will also help them when it comes to taking advice from friends.

8 - the lucky number of Aquarius

8 is the symbol of originality and infinity, making it the most suitable for Aquarius. The number 8 will aid Aquarians to always be energetic and creative.

9 - the lucky number of Pisces

9's will increase the already heightened sense of intuition of Pisces. This number will help the water sign attract love and luck to it. Since 9 is the symbol of the closed circle, Pisces need to avoid sharp jewelry and objects.