Numerological compatibility between people

Numerological compatibility between people

Are you in love and want to see if the numbers are on your side? See if you are suitable for each other by finding the coefficient of compatibility with your partner.



Most recent publications as well as themes in regards to Numerology. Find out about mysteries, stories along with handy advice on Numerology. Read the most recent charts as well as write ups about Numerology.
Numerology - The power of numbers

The power of numbers


Numerology is the science of research and analysis of the mystical influence of numbers on people. Each number has its own vibration.

Numerology - The world relies on numbers

The world relies on numbers


According to many theories, the universe and man are only possible thanks to the unique combination of mathematical and physical constants - unchanging numbers.

Numerology - Numbers in your dreams

Numbers in your dreams


Numbers seen in your dreams can tell you about future events, or to remind you of the past. Mystical significance of numbers in dreams largely coincides with their importance in numerology and astrolo

Numerology - The number of your house or what lies behind it

The number of your house or what lies behind it


Numerology: Believe it or not, but the number of your home has a hidden meaning. To calculate your personal number of your home you need a simple calculation.

Numerology - Numerology: The magic of sacred number 7

Numerology: The magic of sacred number 7


The number 7 is an incarnation of the beginning and end and is considered sacred. Napoleon also believed in the magic power of the number seven.

Numerology - Numerology: Curse of the Quartet

Numerology: Curse of the Quartet


Sinister things happen on the fourth day of each month. How do scientists explain this? Growing popular recently is the Law of Attraction.

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