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What it Means if you Often See the Number 8

Number 8

Lately you feel as if the number 8 is following you. You look at your watch and see that it's 8 o' clock. You go out in the street and see bus #8 pass by. You go over to someone's apartment and see that it's the 8th one in the building. You're waiting in line at the bank and realize that you're the 8th person in line. Is it all in your head or is the number 8 following you?

Well, the constant appearance of this number is by no means a coincidence. It actually has its own supernatural significance and today we're going to familiarize you with it.

The universe is constantly sending signals to each of us in an attempt to warn and protect us. However, very few are able to read these signals and take advantage of the information. The appearance of the number 8 is exactly that - a message for you that you need to heed.

So, what does it mean if you're seeing the number 8 all the time? It is a sign that a certain cycle of our life is nearing its conclusion. It has carried out its mission and will very soon reach its natural end, in order for a new chapter of our lives to begin.

Of course this type of sign shouldn't sadden or frighten us. We must calmly prepare for the end of the current period and accept it. We'll soon begin our new job or a new romantic relationship.

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Or it may turn out that the efforts we've invested into a given goal have yielded results and all we have to do now is enjoy them. Whatever the case, whenever the number 8 starts appearing often before you, know that something new, perhaps much better, is going to replace the old.