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Numerology Prognosis for June

Antonia R.Antonia R.

To find out what numerology has in store for you for the month of June, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - If you recently got out of a serious relationship, give yourself a little time before getting into another one. A new romance at this time won't end well. Use this month to determine your goals for the future, leave love aside for later. What's more important right now is to determine what you truly want and how to achieve it.

2 - Your resourcefulness and intelligence will lead you to huge successes this month. You may even get a raise from your boss. You can also shop freely or work on art projects. Use this month for shopping for you will find plenty of enticing sales.

3 - Be more honest in your relationships with people throughout this month. You may have the opportunity to take advantage of someone's naiveness, but you are advised not to, because this way you will only ruin your reputation. People who are out of work will be faced with an excellent opportunity for career, while everyone else will be given the chance to earn more money.

4 - Find more time to spend with your favorite people this month, instead of sitting at home. Spend at least one hour a day doing something creative because this will have a positive effect not only on your perceptions of life but on your career as well.

5 - You'll be highly motivated this month to achieve your goals and no problem will discourage you. Soon all your hardships will disappear and you'll enjoy successes at work and in your personal life. Do not, under any circumstances, give in to your old habits, instead keep planning new things and changes.

Number 6

6 - June will present you new opportunities by which to solve all your problems. If there are individuals you've been in conflict until recently, find a way to mutual forgiveness. Free yourself from the manipulators around you and only keep the loyal people that support you and keep their word.

7 - This month you will have to sacrifice something dear to you in order to help a loved one. This may be your free time, when instead of having fun, you may have to take care of a relative or if you're asked of a favor that you're not too thrilled about. But with this monumental gesture you will strengthen your ties with the person even more.

8 - You're one step away from a huge and dramatic change that will affect your entire life. You will have to enter a role new to you, which will present to be a real challenge. No matter what the change may be, what's important is to give it your all, and the faster you adapt the easier it will be for you.

9 - Throughout the month it will be crucial for you to be more tactful and careful with those around you, in order to avoid possible tumultuous events. Set aside more time for yourself until the end of June and spend at least one hour a day by yourself.

11 - The month is ideal for a new beginning. Try to enhance your skills by taking on new responsibilities. Even if some plans fall apart, don't be disappointed, maintain a good mood. There will be a ton of people around you wishing to support you so accept their aid and briefly forget about your complete independence.

22 - The most is suitable for a vacation and complete relaxation. Postpone changes and important tasks for later on this year. This is the right time to take a long break from work and only do things that bring you joy.