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What are the Lucky Numbers for Your Zodiac Sign?

What are the Lucky Numbers for Your Zodiac Sign?

Numerologists say that every person has their own lucky numbers. They must be involved in the important decisions of life in order for them to be successful. The zodiac gives information that the numbers are related to the signs. Each zodiac sign has its own number, which guides it on the path to success and has a strong impact on the personality.

Let's see which zodiac sign and which numbers form a lucky combination.


This is the sign of people who are not afraid to take risks and often gamble in lottery games. Their lucky number is 3. Every third day of the week and three in the calendar month is a time when they can enjoy the joys in life, because their lucky number will work in their favor. 1, 13 and 24 are also lucky numbers for them.


The number 6 guides the love life of this sign, but not only it. Numbers 4 and 9 are also good numbers for them. If they want to bet on a game, they can also trust 9 and 21.


Lucky Numbers

The number 4 brings a lot of success to Gemini. Strength, knowledge and a clear view of life will be on their side if they trust the four. It will be especially useful for traders and media workers of this sign. For those who play with numbers to win, the number 2 is also a good choice.


The number 2 brings success and confidence in the life of a Cancer. If they combine the pair with 7, luck will be even more firmly on their side. They should avoid the number 1, because it affects the sign negatively. Numbers 8 and 17 are recommended for lottery and other gambling games.


For the royal sign, 1 is the lucky number. At the other pole for them is the number 2, it carries only negatives for the sign. If a representative of the sign is going to bet on numbers, they can safely choose 3, 19 and 33.


The number 4 brings a lot of success in life to this sign as well. Gambling-minded personalities among Virgos can use 5 and 10 for their luck, they will not let them down.


The number 6 will bring luck to Libra and the numbers 4 and 9 are also good choices in important moments. For a ticket in the lottery games or in the casino, they can safely bet on 11, 22 and 33.


For Scorpios, 3 is a lucky number. If these representatives of the sign live at an address with this number, it will bring them a lot of joy and luck every day. When they bet, they should always trust 4, 12 and 36, they are their winning numbers.


For Sagittarius, 5 is the lucky number. It can also be bet on in gambling games and the number 9 also brings them profits.


Lucky Numbers for Zodiac Signs

The number 7 is the auspicious one for this sign. It brings them happiness and love. If they are betting somewhere, they can trust 2 and 17.


The number 8 stimulates Aquarius, and it is good to wear its image as a talisman, it brings them a surge of energy. 3, 9 and 27 are their lucky numbers when betting.


For this superstitious zodiac sign, the number 9 is downright magical. They can bet on it and if they combine it with 1, their luck increases. These numbers bring Pisces material gains and strengthen their spirits. Gambling 6 and 16 will also bring them success.