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The Dirty Secrets of Each Zodiac Sign

Plamena M.Plamena M.
The Dirty Secrets of Each Zodiac Sign

Normal horoscopes are positive and always focus on the good traits in the character of each zodiac sign. The truth is, everyone has their flaws. Here are the dirty secrets of each zodiac sign:

Aries. You are aggressive, impulsive and loud - qualities that can easily get you put away in the zoo. Your strong character and high erudition are just a pose. You have nothing in your head and your self-esteem is built on your completely false self-image. Your biggest fear is to show how naive and stupid you really are. You speak in simple and clear words, so that the rest of the ignorant part of humanity can understand you. However, the truth is that you are simplifying things, so that you can understand them yourself.

Taurus. Your whole life is subordinated to a rather dull insistence on receiving. The only and highest goal for you is money. It is not by chance that Taurus's favorite game is Monopoly - money, even if they are fake, bring them irreparable pleasure. In life, however, the highest rung they can reach is that of an aging boring business owner.

Gemini. Unlike the empty head of Aries, a variety of thoughts are constantly bumping into Gemini's. There are so many of them that they cannot remember them, let alone analyze them. The twins are completely unable to concentrate, suffer from constant anxiety and attention deficit. For no apparent reason, they can cause panic and create complete chaos, which literally infuriates those around them.

Cancer. Eternal children, unrestrained, ill-mannered, extremely emotional and often depressed - this perfectly describes the representatives of this sign. Their lives are a series of nervous breakdowns, which quite logically makes those around them think they need specialized medical help. They are also extremely selfish. They have thoughts like these, at least three times a day: I'm so unhappy... Why always me? Nobody cares about me. This further reinforces their depressing appearance.

The Secrets of Each Zodiac Sign

Leo. Self-absorbed Leos can be the most petty people in the world. They are careless narcissists who often hurt and humiliate people. And they do this with full awareness of their actions. The only thing they can focus on for more than five minutes is the contemplation of their own reflection in the mirror.

Virgo. They live under the constant stress of not being in control of anything and everything. As a rule, the whole world is indebted to them. Virgos are constantly helping others, but it's just a facade. They do it just so they can come across as trustworthy and caring, which they really aren't.

Libra. Master manipulators, Libras can never be pleased. Even if you do what they wanted five minutes ago, you will be surprised to find that the requests have already changed. Libras only know their own environment and can act like robots. They are able to always say the right things at the right times. But although they try to show how reasonable and disciplined they are, they are actually empty posers. A beautiful exterior is just a facade for a hollow soul.

Scorpio. They can be poisonous - both to others and to themselves. Extremely spiteful and vindictive, Scorpios are extremely insecure about themselves and this is projected in their every action or contact with others. When they attack, those closest to them are hurt first. The bad thing is that scorpio is convinced, that these people fully deserve to suffer.

Sagittarius. They look extremely smart, but they are not. Sagittarians have a unique ability to memorize the ideas and quotes of thinking people and use them at the right moment. The bad thing is that it's the only way they can have conversations. Sagittarius suffers from constant boredom in any situation. Although they tend to exaggerate, their biggest concern is what people will say about them. Sagittarius is the perfect boss – always suspicious and demanding. They doesn't really care if anyone loves them.

Capricorn. They are ready for anything to achieve their goals. Literally everything. The world's best informers, they are willing to sacrifice anyone who stands in their way for the cause. Absolutely obsessed with their social status, they are the biggest egoists you could ever come across. Although they are indeed extremely creative, they use this quality only to gain fame and reap certain dividends.


Aquarius. They live in a parallel world in which they are what others want them to be. They don't feel comfortable in their own skin. To change this, they often shock with their crazy ideas and actions. They are so obsessed with themselves and their sophisticated creative nature that they rarely have really close people. Nobody understands them. However, this does not bother them, since the gray outside world and those who live in it do not attract them anyway. Aquarius wants to be left alone, so that they can enjoy their colorful inner world undisturbed. Which can be perceived as a symptom of cyclophrenia.

Pisces. One word can describe their entire existence and that is drama. Although they apparently do not like scenes and arguments, in the end, the initiators for them always turn out to be themselves. Envious losers, they never learn to stand up for themselves. This is also the reason why they never achieve anything even though they work around the clock. This is their excuse to stray from real life and entertainment. Pisces constantly complain about their crappy life, but do nothing to change it. Their unhappiness is contagious.