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The Weirdest Ancient ArtifactsThe Weirdest Ancient Artifacts
07 Oct.
The earliest recipe was found in the lands of ancient Babylon, carved onto a tile....
The Food of the Ancient SpartansThe Food of the Ancient Spartans
27 Jan.
Besides their skill in battle, the ancient Spartans were also known for their way of life and culture that differed completely from the rest of Ancient Greece. The biggest difference was in the food they ate....
UFO over the ancient worldUFO over the ancient world
19 May
Modern UFO specialists have made the trouble to examine 50 works of ancient authors....
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
The find of a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts caused sensation throughout the world. It was spring 1947 when a group of Bedouin goat herders were searching the coast of the Dead Sea searching for a goat. Even...
The Strangest Ancient Burial CeremoniesThe Strangest Ancient Burial Ceremonies
07 Dec.
A great part of modern burial rituals have existed since ancient times, even if they've slightly changed. Below you'll find a list of the strangest burial ceremonies, some of which survive today. 1....
The Most Ancient Creature on the PlanetThe Most Ancient Creature on the Planet
27 Nov.
American and British scientists have found the oldest animal on the planet, which, according to research, appeared some time after Christopher Columbus discovered America. The oldest organism on our planet is a type...
The Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient WorldThe Most Bizarre Gods of the Ancient World
28 Feb.
Ancient religions contain numerous gods and deities. The world was an unexplored and frightful place. As such, humans had deities for just about everything to worship....
Alexander the Great and ancient EgyptAlexander the Great and ancient Egypt
29 Nov.
After a series of savage defeats Alexander the Great was ready to go against ancient Egypt: one of the greatest empires known to the world....
The ancient Persians used chemical weaponsThe ancient Persians used chemical weapons
24 Nov.
Ancient Persians were the first in the world to have used chemical weapons to defeat their opponents, scientists said, cited by the BBC....
The ancient people had primitive GPSThe ancient people had primitive GPS
21 Nov.
Primitive systems of territorial movement in England and Wales have discovered the prehistoric people from 5000 years ago. Tom Brooks, an amateur historian reports, to the Daily Telegraph. Of course, a GPS system in the...
The ancient Chinese treated with marijuanaThe ancient Chinese treated with marijuana
05 Oct.
Ancient secrets with marijuana. It proves that the territory of modern China have grown marijuana also known as Indian hemp plants before 2, 500 years. The secret was detected in the mound of a shaman....
The Most Ancient Tattoos Ever FoundThe Most Ancient Tattoos Ever Found
10 May
The skin of the ancient cadaver contains more than 30 tattoos. Thanks to carbon analysis, the scientist discovered that the tattoos were made more than 3 millennia ago....
The Ancient City of the Dwarves Makhunik Bewilders ArchaeologistsThe Ancient City of the Dwarves Makhunik Bewilders Archaeologists
27 May
The settlement, which bears the name Makhunik, was once home to an ancient civilization of dwarves....
The ancient city of Vilkabamba in PeruThe ancient city of Vilkabamba in Peru
08 Dec.
Today, of the ancient city remain only ruins....
The ancient city of Vilcabamba in PeruThe ancient city of Vilcabamba in Peru
24 June
Today only ruins are left of the ancient city....