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The ancient people had primitive GPS

The ancient people had primitive GPS

Primitive systems of territorial movement in England and Wales have discovered the prehistoric people from 5000 years ago. Tom Brooks, an amateur historian reports, to the Daily Telegraph.

Of course, a GPS system in the Stone Age had nothing to do with today. It was a combination of different earth structures, stone circles and mounds of earth.

According to them the prehistoric Britons are oriented with the distances between settlements, without the use of aids.

Part of the network are tentative signs and landmarks such as Stonehenge and the mound Silbari Hill, says Brooks.

To all this he says, he has studied a prehistoric site in 1500. Unable to connect them up with at least two other sites. He advises to use the network of isosceles triangles. His research shows that the signs of guidance have been deliberately created as navigational aids.

Many of them were built so as to have visibility of each other landmark.