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The ancient city of Vilcabamba in Peru

The ancient city of Vilcabamba in Peru

The Vilcabamba ancient city in Peru is known among archaeologists as the last refuge of the ruler of the empire of the Incas - Manco Inca Yupanqui, after the invasion of Spanish conquistadors.

Some archaeologists do not identify Vilkabamba as the city where Manco Inca Yupanqui hid, but rather Choquequirao, a city known as the Golden Cradle, whose partially excavated ruins of the Inca empire lie at 3085 meters altitude. This is all very controversial.

The area known in chronicles as Vilcabamba, was located on the territory of contemporary province Cusco in Peru and was famous for its splendor.

In this city the ruler of the Inca empire had hoped to wait for the worst to pass and to gather people to revolt against the invaders, in order to expel them from their property. He gathered all he needed for that purpose and began to prepare for the rebellion.

In 1539 there was a new imperial court established and the system of government that existed in Cusco before the Spanish invasion was restored.

Vilcabamba was ruled not only by Inca ruler Manco Yupanqu but also by subsequent Sayri Tupac, Titu Cusi Yupanqui and Tupac Amaru the first. At that time, on the territory of the former country of the Incas, which was controlled by the Spanish, civil war broke out.

In 1572 the Spaniards organized a campaign against the ruler Tupac Amaru. After the clash, which took many casualties on both sides, the ruler was captured and beheaded, while all his cronies - hanged. The best friend of the ruler was spared to watch his execution and to go and tell about it.

Vilcabamba was known as one of the last centers of the Inca culture, but was completely conquered by the Spaniards, and its treasures were totally wasted. Today only ruins are left of the ancient city.