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Ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico

Ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun is located in the ancient city of Teotihuacan. It is the third largest pyramid in the world and is thus the largest in Teotihuacan.

The building is 210 feet high (72 meters) and 650 feet (245 m) in width. The large Pyramid holds fragments of stone, adobe and earth, with facade of stone. On top of the pyramid is a wooden church from which opens an impressive view of the city. The pyramid is actually a series of Pyramids built on each other. Pyramids and other structures are cascade, but not with smooth walls as the Egyptian pyramids, and the stones used to construct them are not as large as those in the pyramids at Giza.

During the zenith of Teotihuacan most of the buildings were plastered. Pyramid of the Sun was painted in bright red. Interestingly in some of the buildings in the pyramidal Teotihuacan is that they contain a thick layer of mica, which can not be obtained from anywhere else apart from Brazil, which is about 2000 kilometers from there.

Mica is a very flaky and fragile material, but large pieces of mica were transported about 200 kilometers before the wheel was known. Moreover, mica was used inside the pyramid, and not in the cover layer, which would be visible. The question is why all this work? . Mica is often used as an insulator for electric current. However this was not the reason for which it was used in the pyramid.

Opened in 1971 was a cave in the Pyramid of the Sun. This shed some light on the probable cause for the construction of the pyramid, and perhaps on to the reason why Teotihuacan itself was built right there. The cave is actually naturally formed from a lava tunnel that has been extended and finished in ancient times. Teotihuacan Valley is a side valley of the Mexican Valley and is one of several natural bays in the middle of a volcanic area. This is the reason there are many caves formed by lava flows. The cave has been used before to build the pyramid.

Ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico

According to the traditions of Aztec the creation of the Earth and Moon, and even today the center of the universe was in Teotihuacan in Mexico, similar caves believed to be a symbolic womb from which the Gods and ancestors go. This place was very sacred and is left in memory of the Aztec.



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