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How Did Ancient Peoples Perceive Dreams?How Did Ancient Peoples Perceive Dreams?
14 Dec.
Man spends 1/3 of his life sleeping, dreaming of various things throughout it. Some dreams remain in our memory, others do not. Through dreams the human brain processes and orders all of the information received throughout...
How Did Hitler Die?How Did Hitler Die?
20 Oct.
On April 30, 1945, newlyweds Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun put an end to their lives by committing suicide. Their bodies were discovered in a bunker just 24 hours after they had officially married. The act of suicide brought...
Did the Mothman Actually Exist?Did the Mothman Actually Exist?
16 Dec.
In the period 1966-1967, in the American city Point Pleasant, there were reports of a strange creature called the Mothman. It was of large proportions, had a human-like bearing and wings on its back. The first witnesses...
Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?
07 Jan.
The Hanging Gardens of Semiramis is the second wonder of the world. The work was "beauty and joy for the eyes." Until the beginning of last century, these gardens were considered pure fiction, and their descriptions - stylistic...
Scientists: the Golden Fleece Really Did ExistScientists: the Golden Fleece Really Did Exist
04 Dec.
To extract it, the locals used rams' fleece. The gold dust and particles were caught in them. Then they were picked from the fleece by hand....
Why a genius and madness go hand in handWhy a genius and madness go hand in hand
01 Feb.
Creators and those mostly brilliant among them often suffer from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Scientists say it is due to the substance, dopamine. The brain reacts differently to dopamine, which functions very...
Where Did the Titanic Sink?Where Did the Titanic Sink?
03 Nov.
The unsinkable Titanic sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912. The ship set sail for its maiden and what would ultimately become its final voyage on April 10, from Southampton in the UK to New...
Did Extraterrestrials Experiment on a Man from Yakutia?Did Extraterrestrials Experiment on a Man from Yakutia?
11 Nov.
Every other person in Yakutia has been a witness to strange and inexplicable phenomena, claim the inhabitants of one of the coldest areas on the planet. For years now, residents of the Sakha Republic have been having...
Did Earth Spread Life Throughout the Solar System?Did Earth Spread Life Throughout the Solar System?
23 Mar.
Lithopanspermia - you can add this word to your astronomical dictionary. But what does it mean? It means the spread of living organisms from within Earth rocks that fly off into outer space after large meteorological...
Unicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside usUnicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside us
12 May
Examination of the fossils however, showed that these animals went extinct sooner than believed - 29 000 years ago. Scientists used radiocarbon dating to determine the correct age of the horned creatures' fossils....
A New Theory - Van Gogh Did Not Kill HimselfA New Theory - Van Gogh Did Not Kill Himself
19 Nov.
Investigation by leading gunshot wound expert Dr. Vincent Di Maio shows that it was not possible for the famous painter Vincent van Gogh to have shot himself, as is the official version surrounding his death. According...
How Many Hours Can you Go Without Sleep Before Dying?How Many Hours Can you Go Without Sleep Before Dying?
11 Jan.
Sleep is something exceptionally important for a person's health. Through sleep our bodies are given a chance to rest, to sort of reset all of the processes and begin working anew in the morning with full force. In practice...
Newborn with a Single Eye Proves That Cyclopes Did ExistNewborn with a Single Eye Proves That Cyclopes Did Exist
08 Oct.
In Egypt, a boy has been born with just 1 eye on his forehead. Doctors call this condition "Cyclopia" and in this case say it was caused by radiation exposure of the mother during pregnancy. The newborn has a single...
Who was Saint Patrick and What Did Legends Say of Him?Who was Saint Patrick and What Did Legends Say of Him?
17 Mar.
On March 17th, the Irish celebrate the day of their patron St. Patrick and even though the holiday is Catholic, people from around the world and of different religions commemorate it. According to historical information...
Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?Did the Predictions Made a Century Ago About the 2000s Come True?
12 Dec.
More than a century ago, different prophecies all made attempts at guessing what life would be like in the 2nd millennium. Some of these predictions really did come true but others were just too fantastical. One of...
How to Hypnotize SomeoneHow to Hypnotize Someone
06 Jan.
Suggestion, used by hypnotists, can also be used by people without much experience, thanks to tried methods. The best of these is the technique of leading a conversation. The secret is to carry out the conversation in...
How cats heal peopleHow cats heal people
07 Oct.
Cats are not only good for their owners with their presence, but completely improve their health. A Spanish girl named Maria was run over by a drunk driver and was in coma. After months lying in the hospital, she was released...
How to be happyHow to be happy
22 Jan.
Stop blaming others for your own problems - The extent to which you can achieve your dreams depends on the extent to which taking responsibility for your life....
How to overcome stressHow to overcome stress
22 Jan.
We all are faced with stressful situations every day. Even if you seek the help of a specialist who will apply anti-stress therapy, it will not achieve its effect immediately. People who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown...
How to see AurasHow to see Auras
20 Aug.
Everyone has an aura, say our esoteric practices of ancient times. But what is aura? These are the vibrations of the soul, bioenergy field around the human body, colored in shades that change under the influence of various...
How to learn telepathy?How to learn telepathy?
10 Oct.
Learning Telepathy means referring to or waking the telepathic abilities that actually exists in dormancy in each of us. Any attempt by that body power in a part of your life provokes the force to manifest itself by having...
How to Determine your AscendantHow to Determine your Ascendant
11 Dec.
The belief goes that the zodiac sign of a person influences and determines a person's nature to some degree. You've likely seen some truthful predictions about which kinds of people you get along with more and which ones...
How to Fall Asleep EasilyHow to Fall Asleep Easily
07 Dec.
Getting enough sleep is crucial for good health. It helps you stay in shape, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and muscle and memory problems. If you're experiencing difficulties falling asleep...
How the Great Caravaggio DiedHow the Great Caravaggio Died
21 Sept.
The unsurpassed master of the brush, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio died in 1610 in Tuscany, 4 years after killing a man in a street brawl in Rome. Since then, the circumstances surrounding his death have been shrouded...
How Gemstones Affect our DreamsHow Gemstones Affect our Dreams
10 Apr.
Since time immemorial gemstones have been renowned for their miraculous powers. The ancients believed that they had the ability to alter processes in the human body and influence nature. As such they were used for magic...