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A New Theory - Van Gogh Did Not Kill Himself

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Van Gogh

Investigation by leading gunshot wound expert Dr. Vincent Di Maio shows that it was not possible for the famous painter Vincent van Gogh to have shot himself, as is the official version surrounding his death.

According to the official data, Vincent van Gogh shot himself in 1890 in a wheat field near a village not far from Paris.

Dr. Vincent Di Maio looked again at all of the data pertaining to the alleged suicide and came to the shocking collusion that there was no way for the artist to have been the shooter.

Di Maio told Vanity Fair that the fatal wound on the artist's body was not self-inflicted. The expert is convinced that a self-inflicted gunshot wound cannot look the way it was described.

Based on the testimony of Paul Gachet Jr, the son of the doctor who examined van Gogh's body after the suicide, the gunshot wound had a brown and purple circle around it.

At the time it was believed that the purple circle was caused by the proximity of the gun to van Gogh's chest, while the brown circle was due to the burns from the gunpowder.

However, Dr. Vincent Di Maio postulates that the purple circle does not matter much for the identification of the killer. It simply shows that the victim was still alive hours after the shot was fired. The purple circle was a result of bleeding under the skin caused by ruptured blood vessels.

As for the brown circle, the expert believes that it shows the entrance wound. Di Maio is convinced that such an entrance wound could not have resulted from the short range that it is claimed van Gogh shot himself.

And then the mystery question remains - who then shot and killed the world-famous painter?

In the official records it is stated that the painter suffered an agonizing 29 hours before he actually died. The day before he had ordered paint, which to some is proof that the painter had no intention of killing himself.

Rumors spread shortly after his death claim that van Gogh was shot by a group of young boys. Word of the legendary painter's death spread from Auvers-sur-Oise, where he lived the years leading up to his death.