The Inventions that Killed Their InventorsThe Inventions that Killed Their Inventors
10 Mar.
generated and Freminet died after 20 min., suffocated by his own invention. Max Valier's rocket car Max Valier was one of the pioneers who developed the first rocket cars to run on liquid-propellant. On May 17, 1930...
Sensational Inventions of the RenaissanceSensational Inventions of the Renaissance
10 Dec.
the great inventions of the Renaissance but the genius painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci deserves his fair share of credit. The ideas for the creation of the automobile, tank and parachute were also thought to be his....
Who were the MayansWho were the Mayans
12 Mar.
Around 2500 BC, the territory of the modern state of Guatemala was inhabited by tribes who spoke a language called by researchers protomaya. Over the years these people were spread to different regions and thus formed a...
We were in the partyWe were in the party
06 Jan.
This guy while we were in the party, wanted to spew food on me. And now M thinking about unfriending him on facebook. On the other hand I was searching for my tin top for my dry lips in one of the holes. I got inside...
The Death Ray - Tesla`s Last InventionThe Death Ray - Tesla`s Last Invention
09 Feb.
Invented the Twentieth Century", Tesla's writings contained schematics that were a far cry from his principles of humanism. These writings will be publicly revealed for the first time in "Tesla's Death Ray: A Murder...
Regression therapy: who were we in our past lives?Regression therapy: who were we in our past lives?
17 Sept.
of the voice are observed. Witnesses are shocked to tell how people change as they relive a period of a previous life when they were older - faces suddenly become twisted and aged. Conversely, suddenly the wrinkles of...
Inventions which destroyed their inventorsInventions which destroyed their inventors
10 Oct.
invention was not safe at all - during the first test it killed five of the nine on board. In the second run they all died, including the inventor himself. Alexander Bogdanov, who died in 1928, was the creator of the...
Were the Stars of 27 Club Satanists?Were the Stars of 27 Club Satanists?
20 July
connection with Satan. It's been proposed that they had sold their souls, which is why their lives were taken at the same age every time. Astrologers have sought their own explanation for the deaths of these...
The Dinosaurs Were Killed Off by Mysterious Dark MatterThe Dinosaurs Were Killed Off by Mysterious Dark Matter
11 Aug.
theory according to which dark matter affected the orbits of the planets and asteroids in our solar system. As a result of this, a gigantic asteroid collided with Earth and led to the extinction of the...
Character According to the Season you Were Born inCharacter According to the Season you Were Born in
03 Dec.
The season a person is born in has an influence on their personality later in life, assert Hungarian experts. More than 400 persons were studied, with individuals born in all 4 seasons. They were of different ages. One...
The season during which you were born determines your characterThe season during which you were born determines your character
30 Mar.
The season, during which people are born, are important for the formation of their character, say French researchers. According to them, not only the location of stars is important for the future destiny of man but also...
The Moon Phases Predict Our FutureThe Moon Phases Predict Our Future
23 Apr.
Experts claim that the phase of the Moon on each birthday can be a clear indicator of the events that await us in our next year. The moon can be an adviser as to what to avoid throughout the year, in order to avoid...
The importance of stones in our dreamsThe importance of stones in our dreams
14 Jan.
finishing touch of natural evolution. The clean pearl ball occurs rarely. Hunting is a dangerous craft for pearls. Thus, this sea has become a gem in the world and throughout time immemorial almost holds an esoteric meaning....
Parts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagiParts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagi
10 Oct.
work had intervened in a new stage of development. Then the texts were moved on to the papyrus sarcophagi. Most of the papyrus texts from the mysterious book have been discovered in the tombs at Thebes. This caused...
What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?
19 Feb.
Santiago. A number of unidentified flying objects were spotted during the 1st few days of the new year. Their presence was noticed by many residents but the authorities have not come out with an official logical...

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