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Our Marriage Depending on the Lines of the Hand

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It is believed that palm reading can predict a person's entire future. Palmistry experts add that our future marital union is also described on our hands.

The line of marriage, for those persons that have it, is a horizontal line under the pinky. Sometimes there is more than 1 line there. Look at the lines on the left hand.

If you find more than 1 line, the longest of these shows your union with your partner; this union does not necessarily mean it will be made lawful with a document or church ceremony. It is rather the solid, long relationship that you'll have with someone.

A person that doesn't have a line of marriage doesn't absolutely mean that there won't be a marriage. According to chiromancy, such a person has a cold personality and has a difficult time building a spiritual and emotional connection with another person.

When there are 3 or more clearly visible lines of marriage, it means that that person is deeply interested in the opposite sex and has a desire to be in a relationship. However, these types of persons have higher demands toward their future partner.

The position of the main line shows when you will meet your future partner. Since it is located between the pinky and line of the heart, its proximity to one or the other is an indication of the age at which you will meet the right partner.


If the line of marriage is closer to the line of the heart, you will meet your soul mate by your 20th birthday. If it is in the middle - between the pinky and line of the heart, you will be between 25-35 years old when you meet your partner and if it is closer to the pinky, you will meet them after the age of 35.

The clearer the line of marriage is, the happier it will be. If you have a star in that section, you will enjoy a strong interest on the part of the opposite sex.

If the line is curved up, it means that you'll find the perfect partner. A line of marriage curved downward shows that you'll become a widow/widower, while a line that ends by branching out predicts divorce.

If there is a second thin line above the line of marriage, it means you'll have a lover.