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The Moon Phases Predict Our Future

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Experts claim that the phase of the Moon on each birthday can be a clear indicator of the events that await us in our next year.

The moon can be an adviser as to what to avoid throughout the year, in order to avoid serious hardships and to get past obstacles more easily.

Experts state that you can simply check the phase of the moon on the day of your birthday, in order to find out what awaits you in your following year.

If, on your birthday, the moon is in a new moon phase, this means that your life will be at an unpleasant standstill throughout the year.


You will not be able to make the planned changes but you can rethink your plans and lay the groundwork for moving them forward.

It is not recommended to make drastic changes, such as moving or changing your workplace, because the new ones will not bring you happiness.

If your birthday is on a waxing moon phase, you will have luck throughout the year and a chance to turn a new page in life. The first quarter of the moon will load you with inspiration, with which you will succeed in new projects and plans.

Full moon

Your prospects throughout the year will be encouraging, so you can expect a series of wonderful events, both in your personal life and in your professional one.

If you desire change, you can make it. A marriage that takes place in a personal year of a waxing moon, will be successful and stable.

If your birthday takes place in a full moon phase, it means that you will be filled with energy throughout the year. Your intuition and creative activity will surge up.

However, a full moon can bring emotional collapse as well, which is why you must avoid unnecessary conflicts.

If your birthday is during a waning moon, this means that you must take care not to make cardinal decisions, which can lead to great changes in your life.

A waning moon signifies that this year is the time in which you must strengthen your authority and relations with the other people around you.