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Dinosaurs were cannibals

Dinosaurs were cannibals

Dinosaurs that are close relatives to the Tyrannosaurus rex had cannibal inclinations.

Paleontologists from the University of Alberta, Canada, found that enormous beasts of its kind to be eaten.

Researchers have studied fossil of a Gorgosaurus found in Canada 13 years ago. In the skull a tooth was found from another representative of the species.

Gorgosaurus lived in the territories of present-day North America in the late Jurassic. That is about 74-77 million years ago. Their body length was about 9 meters and the weight was about 2.4 tons, specifies the BTA.

According to paleontologists the dinosaur when it died had a wound on its head, the abrasion from which the tooth had stuck into it had not healed. Scientists suggest that it is possible that the dinosaur died immediately after the bite from its brother.

The analysis has categorical traces of teeth on the skull that were left at the time when one Gorgosaurus was eaten by another.

The discovery of scientists from Canada is not the first of its kind. Five years ago, it was found that the dinosaurs of the species Majungatholus atopus are also cannibals.