The Seven Stages of Development in Psychology! Which One are you in?

Stages of Development

Growing in the psychological sense is important not only for one's success and for knowing themselves better but also for being happier. But few people go through all of the stages.

The majority of people stagnate at a particular stage. You can find out which one you find yourself in by checking the description of each. There is no categorically positive or negative stage, each one brings with it its own good and bad changes.

A great number of people experience comfort in a given stage and as such do not take the next daring step in their development. Experts note that we would only be truly satisfied with our lives when we're making progress.

Read on to discover the 7 stages of psychological development and determine which stage you find yourself in.

First stage - knowing oneself

Knowing Oneself

This is the stage where you know very little about yourself and despite the advantages and disadvantages of your outer appearance, you're ignorant when it comes to your own emotions and psyche. You have yet to learn what your needs are, how to satisfy them and what motivates you when making decisions. However, this is also the phase when we're most inquisitive and explore the world with joy.

Second stage - comparison

After we find out what we want and don't want out of life, we come to the phase in which we compare our desires, strengths and weaknesses to those of others. We begin to wonder, in our minds or out loud, whether we're better than the others and greatly envy those who achieve the things we ourselves dream of. This is also the stage in which we have to opportunity to develop the most skills.

Third stage - modification

In the 3rd stage of our personal development, we're ready for changes. We open up to new knowledge and are ready to learn from the world around us. We make the most contacts, we partake in various social events but alongside this we're also dependent on the opinions of those around us. The more we learn, the more we doubt ourselves because we still have not accepted our flaws.

Fourth stage - acceptance

The 4th stage is the stage of acceptance of one's flaws. We realize that there are aspects we're very good at and those which we do very poorly in. Our confidence grows because we've accepted both sides of our character, while our tendency to criticize, judge and insult others lessens because we feel comfortable enough in our own skin and with our successes. But on the flip side, this is the stage where we have the most planning and work to do.


Fifth stage - purpose

Once we realize what our strengths and weaknesses are, we enter into the 5th stage of development - purpose. Here, we're not only dreaming of happiness, travel and achievements, we're also beginning to build strategies for their realization. This is the phase where we show what we're capable of and what we've learned over the years. We demonstrate our principles and priorities, while also shrinking our circle of friends and acquaintances in this way.

Sixth stage - realizing one's potential

This is the stage that few people reach because to realize one's potential, one must face their greatest fears. When we step outside our comfort zone, security and calm go out the window, replaced by the fear of failure. But only when we face our doubts and part with our old habits will we be able to express our talents.

Seventh stage - growth

During the final stage of personal growth, a person feels fulfilled by their life and when they look back at it they can say that they don't regret anything. The person knows exactly who they are and regardless of the difficulties they've lived through or have yet to live through, they can say they're happy because they find meaning in them.

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