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Freudian Test Reveals the Hidden Sides to our Personality

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The test, developed by the father of modern psychology Sigmund Freud, can clearly and easily determine the subconscious relationship, which we have toward certain aspects of our lives.

The test is based on psychoanalysis and contains 6 geometric shapes, which reveal the human condition and hidden sides of our personality.

In order for the test to be accurate, do not look at the meaning of the geometric shapes before writing down the emotions they provoke within you.

Freudian Test

Observe the 6 shapes, ignoring everything occurring around you. Focus all of your attention on the shapes and write down what type of emotions each one incites within you. For example: boredom, monotony, distractedness, confusion.

You can write down anything that comes to mind next to the shapes, even entire sentences or text.


Take a look at the 6 shapes and write down the emotions each one stirs up in you.

Meaning of the shapes:

Freudian Shapes

The first shape symbolizes your friends. The emotions you have written down across from it describes your relationship toward them, as well as what you expect from them.

Test Shapes

The second shape shows your relationship toward family and marriage. That, which you have written down next to it shows your subconscious relationship toward the institute of marriage and your view of the idea of creating a family.

The third shape illustrates your relationship toward work/career. The feelings which the 3rd shape bring about in you show how you view your profession, what it gives you and what position it takes in your life.

The fourth shape is related to sex. It represents how you subconsciously view sexual contact and in what position you place sex in your life. The feelings you write down next to it can give you clarity in terms of your attitude toward sex and whether you are sexually satisfied.

The fifth shape is indirectly related to your main character trait. It portrays what always dominates in your behavior and your subconscious attitude toward the world.

The sixth shape reveals your current state of being. From the emotions you have jotted down next to it you can determine the wishes, goals and problems you have at the moment and which you do not realize you have.