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What`s your Greatest Priority? Find out in This Test!

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Skull Woman Test

Do you know what your greatest priority is in life? If you're hesitant in determining the answer, do this test using Charles Allan Gilbert's drawing. He completed it in 1892 and today it's considered one of the most iconic illusions of all time.

Just take one glance at the illustration and find out more about yourself, depending on whether you saw the woman in the mirror or the skull first. Trust in your intuition, without looking at the details below.

The illustration depicts 2 figures - a woman in front of a mirror and a skull. By relying on your associative thinking, the test with this drawing can show what's most important for you, according to psychology.


If the skull was the first thing you noticed, your number one priority is spiritual growth. You're not afraid of obstacles and although the skull is often associated with death, you're not afraid of it either. Subjects related to the invisible and the occult pique your interest but when needed, you can have both feet firmly planted on the ground. You're a person with an independent and powerful spirit, making you an excellent leader.

Woman in front of mirror

Those who first notice the woman in front of the mirror are aesthetes with a taste for art. Creativity is your biggest priority and you can turn into a ruthless pedant when creating or buying something beautiful. You obsess over the details, although this precision sometimes shakes up your self-confidence.