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Your Personality Type According to Jung`s Theory

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Carl Gustav Jung was one of the founders of modern psychology. He was a student of Sigmund Freud but developed his own theory about human personality.

Below you can learn about the 8 main human personality types and determine which one you fall into. Pick the one that you associate most with yourself and learn something interesting about your own nature.

First you have to determine whether you're an invert or extrovert.

Extroverts are focused on the reality around them - the circumstances and people, while their actions are entirely driven by these.


Their etiquette and morals are founded on the opinions of other people but this makes them even more adaptable to new situations. For them, success means to be seen and recognized by others.

Introverts, on the other hand, are interested primarily in themselves - in their own thoughts and feelings. They direct their behavior depending on what they think and feel, not reality itself. They have an amazing imagination and creative abilities but have troubles communicating.

Find out what kind of extrovert and introvert you are below:

1. Feeling extrovert

The feeling extrovert makes decisions in life by following logic and reasoning. Before they take any step, they need facts and proof. They fear the unknown, they don't understand their emotions and can be tyrannical and manipulative toward others. They strive for material stability and a predictable daily routine.

2. Feeling introvert

The feeling introvert is the type of person with high curiosity, who is attracted to that which can further develop his intellect. But he also ends up facing serious obstacles if he's forced to communicate or work with others. He can be extremely stubborn and not accept another's viewpoint if it differs from their own.

3. Sensing extrovert


The people in this group have excellent communication skills. They understand those around them on a verbal and emotional level. They love to move with the herd, which is why they're often surrounded by large companies of friends. They can support and suffer alongside someone they're close to.

4. Sensing introvert

Sensing extroverts are quite lonely, it's difficult for them to establish social relationships with others. They look melancholic and are quite inconsistent. They are often left unnoticed because they prefer to keep quiet to attracting attention. However, they are extremely sensitive and understand the emotions of others with ease.

5. Thinking extrovert

For thinking extroverts, pleasure is above everything else. They love to have fun until dawn in clubs, to travel and visit various social events. They also love being surrounded by beautiful items - they make sure their wardrobe and home are always up to par aesthetically.

6. Thinking introvert

People belonging to this group are the ones that most often become artists. They try to give form to their strong emotions. Their senses are exceptionally sharpened and they easily pick up aromas, colors and textures. They are curious surrounding their inner experiences and know how to give them the correct form.

7. Intuitive extrovert


These individuals are decisive and goal-oriented. They set a goal for themselves and do everything needed to realize it. They are constantly pursuing some kinds of goals and once they conquer a peak, they head off to the next one. They are interested primarily in themselves and personal victories, paying little attention to their loved ones.

8. Intuitive introvert

These individuals are the big dreamers and idealists. They fight for huge ideas, such as protecting the environment, equal rights and defending the weak. They have nearly prophetic capabilities because they can easily figure out what you're thinking about and what you want. It's difficult to keep a secret from them.