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Watershed Events in History in the Year of the Snake

Plamena M.Plamena M.
year of the Snake

The new moon of February 10, 2013, at 9:21 pm local time, according to Chinese astrology started the year of the Black Snake. Female, passive character (MI) associated with the north, or winter night.

The snake is the wisest and mysterious character of the Eastern zodiac. It is varied, deep and intuitive. At the same time, however, relaxed and hard, having magical power. In our culture, the color black is associated more with restriction and closure, isolation and sadness. In the East, this is not the case.

year of the Snake

Black for them is the color of space, deep water, the darkness over the abyss. It symbolizes supreme boundless wisdom and boundless energy. Water element reconnects to volatility and instability, but in combination with the snake that quality becomes a success. Insightful and silent, it can anticipate and comply with prior actions.

In this 60-year cycle, Years of the Snake are associated with symbols as follows: 1965 - Wood 1977 - fire 1989 - earth 2001 - metal, and now - water.

To understand what awaits us this year, it is best to turn our gaze to the past and to understand what tipping incidents have occurred during the years of the snake before.

Interesting events in the Year of the Snake:

1917 Year of the Fire Snake

Russian Revolution - In March 1917 the management of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II ended. In November, authorities in the capital, Petrograd were conquered by the first communist government in the world. This is an extremely vital turning point not only for Russia, but for the whole world on which it reflects.

1929 Year of the Earth Snake

Wall Street crash - The crisis of the New York Stock Exchange covering only a few days - from October 24 to October 29, 1929 came a collapse of the share prices, however, it marks the beginning of the Great Depression. It is the biggest economic crisis of the 20th century.

1941 Year of the Metal Snake

Germany invaded Yugoslavia, Greece and the Soviet Union - On 22 June 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The war began on 1.09.1939, along with Britain and France, their colonial possessions are involved in the war too.