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People are Most Honest in the Morning, Lie the Most in the Afternoon

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An American study reveals that people lie mainly during the afternoon hours. The study was carried out by a team of scientists from the University of Utah and Harvard University.

The tests were carried out with the help of 327 men and women. One of the tests contained math problems. The participants in the study were to solve the problems and announce their answers.

For every problem solved correctly, they received a reward. The catch was that some of the given problems actually had no solution. This way, those who carried out the experiment easily found out which of the participants were lying and which were not.

Experts are positive that the probability of people lying in the afternoon is much higher than that of lying in the morning. The chance for the truth to be distorted in the afternoon hours is between 20 and 50%, instead of in the morning, the experts added.


According to those who carried out the study, people tend to be more honest in the morning because the energy levels in the body are higher in the first part of the day. Gradually, as the day grows older, these levels decrease.

For exceptionally honest people, the time of day has a different effect, claim the authors of the study - Isaac Smith and Maryam Kouchaki. They very rarely lied in the morning - they gave in to the temptation of distorting the truth only in the late afternoon hours.

For all the other participants of the study, who did not take moral values so seriously, it did not matter whether it was morning or afternoon. The conclusion from the study, according to the experts, is to solve our moral dilemmas in the morning, not in the afternoon, so that we do not regret our choice later.

In another similar study, participants were told to count how many dots a computer screen has, after which they would receive a small financial reward. People tend to lie two and a half times more after lunch in the name of receiving a financial reward, results showed.

Psychoanalysts claim that lying is connected to how we were brought up. There are a few easy signs which can help us determine whether someone is lying. These include looking to the side or actions and mimics that are uncharacteristic of that person.