How Gemstones Affect our Dreams

Since time immemorial gemstones have been renowned for their miraculous powers. The ancients believed that they had the ability to alter processes in the human body and influence nature. As such they were used for magic and all kinds of rituals.

They were believed to soothe emotions, grant magnetism, cleanse one's energy, attract good luck and love, protect against ill-wishers and debilitating diseases.

Today gemstones continue to be a focal point of interest, not just due to their incredible beauty but also due to the legends they're linked to.

Aside from their therapeutic properties, gemstones are also known for being able to influence dreams. They stimulate certain processes and help us reach the next energy level through our dreams.

Here are the gemstones capable of influencing our dreams.

1. Onyx

Stirs the imagination and makes dreams brighter and filled with events.

2. Sapphire

Stimulates spiritual awakening. Helps us learn important lessons during sleep.


3. Jade

It has the ability to make dreams prophetic or boost intuition in real life.

4. Amethyst

It helps us find comfort and free ourselves of emotional blockades. Amethyst also makes our dreams more peaceful.

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