Mars Enters Aquarius! The Period of Turbulent Revolutions Begins


For the first time in 2 years, Mars is moving through the zodiac sign of Aquarius, opening the way for turbulent and sudden changes. The planet will find itself in the air sign from November 9 until December 19.

In astrology, Mars symbolizes the energy, ambitions and actions which we use to realize our dreams. With its journey through Aquarius, our actions and ambitions will indeed be expressed to the public more often but will be eccentric.

The air sign will provide more ingenuity in terms of our aspirations. Ideas will be more nonstandard and the competition will express itself primarily via communication.

In this period, we're going to lean more toward independence and self-reliance. We're likely to fight for greater freedom until December 19 and try to be original in every single undertaking.

Mars in Aquarius will predispose us to collective action. Every kind of participation in social campaigns and public events will make us feel useful.


In the love aspect, this position of the Red Planet provides more freedom to the partners.

We're going to feel an adventurous spirit until the end of November, a striving toward changes and surprises, which are all favorites for the air sign. Radical transformations are on the horizon, which, even if seemingly intimidating, are for your own good.

Now is the ideal time for realizing our plans but we should also include a wider circle of people in them. You need to take a look at your ideas from a different perspective, one you're going to receive from the people around you.

Since Mars is the planet of sexual energy in astrology, its entering Aquarius is going to make the intellectual and eccentric people more charismatic, those same ones who aren't afraid to break the rules.

Frequent conflicts are also possible whenever we feel ignored by others but every argument will lead us to see the situations from a different angle.


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