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Mercury in Libra! Bits of Advice for this Period

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In the period from September 30 to October 17, Mercury, which presides over communication, will be located in the territory of the sign of Libra. As a result of this transit, communication will be easier and more diplomatic.

With Mercury traveling through the sign for which seeking balance is priority, it will be easier for us to compromise on our wishes, and we'll have a better tendency to see different viewpoints in our way of thinking.

People who are born with Mercury in this position communicate easily with others and become excellent intermediaries. They manage to quell tensions and bridge the gaps between differences.

In the period of Mercury in Libra, we're advised to explore various opinions before we make a final decision. Wait but don't delay excessively because with hesitation you may miss many opportunities.

If you're faced with a choice, regardless if we're talking about choosing a new home, job or partner, create a list of pros and cons but do take a clear stand when all's said and done.

Also give yourself a specific deadline by which to make a categorical decision; don't mull over the pros and cons list for way too long because it may ultimately turn out that the options you had been debating over are no longer available.

Since Libras are responsible for beauty in astrology, when the planet of communication is passing through their territory, we're going to be expressing ourselves in a more elegant way. When it comes to conversations, it's important to only pick out subjects on which there's a consensus.

The period of Mercury in Libra does not encourage conflicts, instead it advises us to seek harmony in communication with others.


We're going to feel an increased desire for reading, gaining new knowledge and for short trips but since Libras are among the lazier zodiac signs, we're likely to find ourselves giving up on these plans, as soon as we're forced to invest a bit more effort.