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Horoscope for Each Sign Until February 22nd

Weekly horoscope

This Thursday, a second new moon will occur in Aquarius. That same day, the Sun will enter Pisces, while Venus and Mars will leave the water sign on Friday, entering Aries.

Aries - Your assessment and ambition improve

Beginning February 20th and until the end of March, your sign ruler Mars enters the home turf, driving you to be more ambitious and goal-oriented. Venus, which will also enter your sign, will lead you to the correct assessment and the needed tact in certain situations. The new moon this Thursday will open the doors to a desire that you believe you deserve.


Taurus - It's time to ask for a raise

Your sign ruler, Venus, enters the fiery Aries on February 20th, making you more passionate, rowdy and egotistical in your wishes. The fire sign will also provoke you to ask for a raise at work. The new moon period will be the ideal moment to unite the people around you and be their leader in a common cause.

Gemini - Begin new things boldly

An aspect between Mercury and Saturn will attract a trustworthy and dependable partner to your side. This week will be perfect for investing, meaning you can boldly kick off new ventures. This Thursday, the new moon enters your kindred Aquarius, activating your social life and leading you to meet many new people.

Cancer - Travel and socialize more

The new moon on February 19th falls into Aquarius for the second time, giving you another opportunity to begin something new which will be realized successfully but not right away. The sun will enter your kindred sign of Pisces, making you more initiative and entrepreneurial. All that's required of you is to direct your energy toward more communication and travel, in order to gain benefits for yourself.

Leo - A positive week in love

The new moon phase in your opposite sign Aquarius will infuse great hope and happiness in your romantic relationship. You will grow closer to your partner and talk more about the future. Your domicile, the Sun, goes into Pisces, where it will remain for almost a month, due to which any issues regarding purchases, money and inheritance will be highly unclear.

New Moon

Virgo - You will receive substantial support

Mercury forms a harmonious aspect with Saturn at the beginning of the week, making it possible for you receive substantial support pertaining to old problems that have been on your mind for some time. Starting Thursday, you will become much more caring for your partner. The transition of Venus and Mars into Aries will lead to more passionate and emotional relations.

Libra - Keep your word and promises

A multitude of your dreams, having to do with your personal life and creative projects, will be given the chance to come true starting Thursday, when the new moon enters your kindred Aquarius. All that's asked of you is to keep your word and promises. The transition of Venus and Mars into Aries will give a hefty boost to your social life, making you even more charming in the eyes of others.

Scorpio - Spend more time at home

This week, issues regarding the home and family will be paramount for you. The period is good for you to host guests, cook more and resolve the issues related to your property. The transition of the Sun into Pisces and Mars into Aries will grant you the necessary physical energy to realize your goals and begin new commitments.

Sagittarius - You forge new contacts

Starting Friday, Venus and Mars transition into your kindred Aries, activating the field of love, fun and children. Your energy and tendency to create new contacts will be much higher than before. With the new moon on the 19th, you will attract new people to your side. Do not forget diplomacy and courtesy at the workplace, to make your days go smoothly.

Capricorn - You seek ways to increase your earnings


In the week until February 22nd, you will once again have the issue of money on your mind. You will seek various ways to increase your earnings, and you may attract new partners and middlemen to help you in your finances. Venus and Mars in Aries starting Friday will activate your field of the home, meaning you can expect plenty of guests in the next month.

Aquarius - A pleasant period financially

The new moon phase on the 19th will focus your attention on a project that you must begin right away. At the end of the week, the motion of the planets will activate the field of earnings, meaning you shouldn't expect any money problems next month. Expect liveliness in the social aspect, your meetings with loved ones may become more commonplace.

Pisces - A prime time for ventures

If there is a project you've postponed last month, the new moon this February will give you the opportunity to realize it. The period is suitable for ventures because the sun enters your sign this Friday, giving a start to your personal year. In the coming days, the the motion of the planets will have you thinking more about your financial status and seeking ways to earn more money.



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