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Origins of the Moon RevealedOrigins of the Moon Revealed
10 June
But the experts calculate that more analyses are needed to prove that material from another object besides Earth played a role in the formation of the Moon....
The Mysterious Light Photographed Near the MoonThe Mysterious Light Photographed Near the Moon
13 Nov.
According to experts, these can be nothing else but giant support structures made of steel. All who have ever landed on the moon have found large amounts of glassy masses....
Why Women are More Depressed and Sad During a Full MoonWhy Women are More Depressed and Sad During a Full Moon
25 Jan.
The full moon has a very profound effect on the female part of humanity....
Here`s What December`s Numerological Horoscope AdvisesHere`s What December`s Numerological Horoscope Advises
01 Dec.
To find out what numerology predicts for you this cold month of December, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth....
Full Horoscope for the Month of MayFull Horoscope for the Month of May
03 May
Scorpio - You'll fight your own ego Use this month to analyze what you've achieved since the start of the year and the mistakes you don't want to repeat in the future....
What to Expect in Love Today - October 7What to Expect in Love Today - October 7
07 Oct.
Single Aquarians can expect a joyous and nice day. They'll enjoy others' attention, without having to burden themselves with more serious relations....
Shortcomings of the Aquarius Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign
30 Nov.
Aquarius doesn't like being told what to do, this is capable of infuriating him. He thinks that he's crystal clear on everything and wants to give directions, not follow them....
Year of the Snake for AquariusYear of the Snake for Aquarius
20 Dec.
The year of the snake makes the Aquarian atmosphere more active than last year's. For them, it will bring new hope for the future, which will be filled with more opportunities....
Effects of the Different Phases of the MoonEffects of the Different Phases of the Moon
18 Dec.
During a 2nd moon phase the emotions are heightened, the soul is filled with joy and satisfaction. The body is charged with strength and energy. Third Phase: Full Moon - a complete influx of energy....
The Moon has Over 200 CavesThe Moon has Over 200 Caves
24 July
meters of ground above your head is ideal from an astronaut safety point of view - there is no radiation, nor micrometeorites, there is very little dust, there is an absence of drastic temperature amplitudes, " announced the expert...
The Moon Phases Predict Our FutureThe Moon Phases Predict Our Future
23 Apr.
Experts state that you can simply check the phase of the moon on the day of your birthday, in order to find out what awaits you in your following year....
Mysterious Base Photographed on the MoonMysterious Base Photographed on the Moon
04 Dec.
So far, no country has given an official statement and has not answered the question of what this mysterious base is doing on the Moon....
What Surprises Await you This Spring? Find out Here!What Surprises Await you This Spring? Find out Here!
03 Apr.
Aquarius Spring starts off incredibly positive for you. Your good mood follows you everywhere and you reap success after success with a smile....
Your Horoscope Until July 29 and What to ExpectYour Horoscope Until July 29 and What to Expect
24 July
In the days until July 29 you'll be able to quickly finish what you've planned. No serious obstacles are expected; it will be easier to progress both in personal and work-related projects....
What to Expect from Today`s June 8 HoroscopeWhat to Expect from Today`s June 8 Horoscope
08 June
Don't undertake any actions before you're sure that what you want is realistic....

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