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Nostradamus: the Savior is Coming in 2016!

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Nostradamus remains one of the most popular prophets and astrologers to have ever lived. His prophecies for 2016 are exceptionally terrifying, while also bringing a dose of hope at the same time.

Nostradamus's prophecies for 2016 foretell the appearance of a person who will help humans open their minds and realize the meaning of life. If humanity heeds his words, we will avoid a worldwide apocalypse.

During the first 6 months of the year, there will be many incidents all over the world. The Third World War may begin with Iran attacking Turkey. Only Russia will be in a position to stop the threat, if it decides to intervene.

According to Nostradamus, a new religious teaching will emerge from Russia in 2016. It will quickly spread and manage to unite all other religions into one. In this way, within just several years, the entire world will start to practice just one religion, consequently leading to the emergence of a new societal norm and culture.

For Russia, Nostradamus predicts the coming of a Golden Age, which will continue until 2020. While the Russian Empire flourishes, the US will experience a never-before-seen economic downturn.

We won't be spared natural disasters in 2016 either. Nostradamus predicts inconceivable earthquakes on the territory of the Near East and China. South America and Africa will suffer floods, with some regions remaining under water permanently. A devastating tornado will hit the US.

Besides cataclysms, we can expect a humanitarian crisis as well. Nostradamus portends that a deadly disease will turn up in Africa, killing hundreds. Modern medicine will be powerless against it. The continent itself will suffer unheard-of famine and water shortage, leading to a migration of the African peoples to Europe.