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What Awaits us in the Starry Skies in 2017


The year 2017 is going to be quite interesting from an astronomical standpoint. The biggest of the upcoming events will be the total solar eclipse on August 21.

A number of astronomical occurrences are going to fill the sky this year. It all begins with the traditional shift of the starry sky during the different seasons. But most exciting of all will be the total solar eclipse. It will take place on August 21 and begin in the Pacific Ocean. The eclipse shadow will pass over the middle of the US and fade toward the mid Atlantic Ocean.

Hundreds of thousands of stargazers are expected to witness it and some have even bought their plane tickets for the US already. They will be able to witness not only the total solar eclipse but several significant meteor showers as well.

A number of large comets are expected to pass near planet Earth in 2017. One of these will be visible with the naked eye. Despite this, astronomers are categorical that there is no threat of any fatal collision between Earth and a celestial body within the next few centuries.


Among the notable events this year is the so-called planetary alignment of the Moon along with Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. It's going to be a truly stunning astronomical event, as these planets are going to be best visible in the sky over Earth this year. Aside from there, you'll be easily able to spot Mars.

Experts advise getting familiar with sky maps before you jump into observations with a telescope. If you don't, you risk getting lost among the countless stars of the night.

Anyone interesting can go to the observatory in their city of residence. There they can be given exact instructions about where to point and how to best use their telescope in order to learn as much as possible about the boundless regions of the sky.