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Your Horoscope for April 20! Find out What to Expect Today


The day is going to be energetic, pleasant, fruitful and memorable. From the very morning we're going to feel a surge of energy that'll drive us to action on the love front and at work.

We'll achieve our goals without much fuss, in turn going even further. The period between 9:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC is going to be the most promising, when we're going to be in our element.

We're easily going to handle everything in that period and initiate vital contact. We're also going to receive valuable proposals, which we should consider carefully but not accept too quickly either.

The Sun has now entered Taurus and this is going to give a particular boost to those born under that sign.

A new stage of their life begins. A time for change is coming, a renewal related to personal space, appearance, work and other aspects of life.

That said, the next few days are going to be particularly special for Taureans and they need to take maximum advantage of all the good opportunities. If they play their cards right, they'll be able to realize amazing ideas.


Problems requiring quick resolution may pop up into your life today. Don't be afraid to improvise. Your intuition is going to provide you hints about how to act in this critical moment. So just have a little more faith in your inner voice.


Don't try to transfer off your responsibilities to another person. First off, no one is obligated to deal with your issues and second, it's doubtful anyone's going to do a better job than you. So no matter how hard it may be for you to handle all of your tasks today you have to set your priorities and work on them above all.


The Universe is going to be generous toward you today and surprise you pleasantly, including expensive gifts. But before you get to them, make sure you've set everything right at the workplace. Misunderstandings with coworkers are going to aggravate the atmosphere and cause turmoil in the office. Try to smooth out the quarrels, then give in to a well-deserved break in the company of loved ones.


What's done is done! Stop looking back and focus your gaze on the future. Accept that certain events will forever remain behind you and you can't fix what's broken. So don't waste any more time peering into the past and start a new page in your life. Many wonderful moments await and it's a matter of willpower on your part whether they get here sooner.


Don't waste time with issues that just aren't within your ability to handle. If you absolutely have to get involved with such, seek the collaboration of a more experienced and authoritative person. They will not refuse to help you. So gather up the courage and ask for aid. This isn't going to rob you of your stable position in the eyes of others in any way.


Learn to plan your time so you don't fall into uncomfortable situations. The chaos you sometimes allow yourself to live in harms not only you but those around you too. You risk breaking down valued relations if you continue. So act now, consider your next steps and try to be a better organizer.


The day is excellent for experimentation. Truly good ideas are going to come to mind and it's worth realizing at least some of them. But try to do this during the 1st half of the day because the Moon will be void of course in the afternoon hours, which could frustrate your intentions or slow events.


Time to work on your behavior a bit. Try to make more compromises regarding your partner or business communication. Don't demand that your opinion always be the one to dominate. This is going to play a horrible joke on you soon. If you don't have a partner, be sure to be cautious as well. Postpone meetings with strangers because they'll hardly be capable of putting up with your mood.


It's a great day for shopping, taking a walk and renewing the space around yourself. It would be best if you planned a complete renovation of your home but if that's not possible then refresh at least part of it. Put away your winter clothes and take out your summer ones. Take care to have everything in your bedroom in its place because you may soon have a new guest in it.


Today you're going to be burning with the energy and desire to get closer to the opposite sex. However, the stars don't advise you to initiate overly serious contact, especially with any big heartbreakers. It may turn out that you're actually seeking a serious relationship, while the person across from you seeks only flirting and fun.


Your day is going to be interesting, exciting and filled with pleasant meetings. But don't let this scare you. Even if usually you find communication with a lot of people tiring that's not going to be the case today, quite the contrary in fact. Conversing with so many different, inspiring and intriguing personalities is going to charge you with the energy and drive to fight for your dreams and give it your best.


Today you may find out surprisingly that you have rivals at work or at the love front. But competition shouldn't scare you. You possess tremendous potential and are capable of kicking out any intruder. You just need to believe in yourself and put your charm in action. All enviers and competitors are going to get out of your way soon enough.