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The Zodiac Signs That Lie the MostThe Zodiac Signs That Lie the Most
08 Aug.
it has died of old age. Pisces lie a lot but according to them, they are simply trying to imbed reality in the world of their fantasies. Pisces easily recognize a lie, since they are familiar with the methods of it...
The Mysterious World of DreamsThe Mysterious World of Dreams
31 May
and excite all. Mankind will not stop looking for hidden meanings of the strange and mysterious world of dreams....
The Strangest Wedding Traditions Around the WorldThe Strangest Wedding Traditions Around the World
23 Nov.
areas of the world, the rituals, customs and ceremony itself are exceptionally bizarre. Here are a few examples. Premarital Sex Huts in Cambodia In some of the more remote provinces of Cambodia, locals build...
The Strangest Religions in the WorldThe Strangest Religions in the World
20 May
large group of friends and lovers. They acknowledge the existence of the Earth Mother and God the Father, believe in faeries and worship the gods of the Ancient Greeks. The Church of Euthanasia is a cult that urges people to kill themselves so that others on the planet may live....
The five most inexplicable phenomenaThe five most inexplicable phenomena
13 Jan.
Scientists from around the world for decades have been trying to unravel the mystery of five of the most unexplainable phenomena but continue to try in vain. The first is the way the brain affects the body. Medicine...
The most famous Greek mythsThe most famous Greek myths
07 Dec.
Greek myths and legends tell of gods and heroes. The immortality of the gods is maintained drinking nectar and ambrosia. One of the most famous legends is that of Hercules, who was a handsome and strong man, gifted...
The Most Indecisive Zodiac SignsThe Most Indecisive Zodiac Signs
11 Feb.
to a decision. And when they finally do they are tormented by doubt about whether or not they chose correctly. Those born under the sign of Aries are one of the most decisive representatives of the zodiac. They are...
The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!
29 Oct.
died immediately. Another option was to first pour hot water, then cold water over the victim until they died. But the most terrifying method was where the victim was hung over a cauldron of boiling water and gradually lowered into it. This way the execution could last for hours....
The Most Famous Millionaire-KillersThe Most Famous Millionaire-Killers
20 Mar.
some point or other in their life decided that since you're rich, you can do anything. Perhaps the most famous millionaire-killer on the list is John Eleuthère du Pont, who in 1996 shot and killed wrestler and Olympic...
The Most Stunning Human PhenomenaThe Most Stunning Human Phenomena
20 June
So far there are 4 recognized men, whose phenomenal abilities are still not fully understood and who evoke amazement in millions of people around the world. The man who ate an airplane The French man Michel Lotito...
The world relies on numbersThe world relies on numbers
03 July
unravel with which might be solved the mystery of the creation of the world. Among the fundamental constants are ten that are most important. The total number of constants is thirty-seven. Among the most important is...
The Craziest Guinness World RecordsThe Craziest Guinness World Records
26 May
September 28, 2013, Serbian man Dalibor Jablanovic managed to balance 31 spoons on his face at once and had his name written in the Guinness Book of World Records. Most bottles opened with a helicopter in 3 minutes...
Assyria - the First World EmpireAssyria - the First World Empire
02 July
state, hated by all of the surrounding peoples. In 615 BC, worn out by the numerous uprisings and civil war, the world's 1st empire was crushed by the unified forces of Media and Babylon. Its cities were razed to the...
The ancient Chinese treated with marijuanaThe ancient Chinese treated with marijuana
05 Oct.
Archaeologists have discovered unusual findings in the Gobi Desert. Ancient secrets with marijuana. It proves that the territory of modern China have grown marijuana also known as Indian hemp plants before 2...
Incas - the ancient specialists in cranial surgery?Incas - the ancient specialists in cranial surgery?
01 Dec.
Incas were specialists in opening the skull to heal injuries. In very sixth skull currently studied by scientists there is a hole and most operated on recovered without major complications. The reason is that the very...

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