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Ancient Drawings of Mysterious Creatures Found in the Caribbean

Montserrat Petroglyphs

Archaeologists have begun to analyze ancient petroglyphs (prehistoric images carved onto stone or rock). The unique images were found unexpectedly by tourists during their walk around the Caribbean island of Montserrat, media report.

The bizarre rock drawings, depicting geometric shapes and never-before-seen creatures were spotted in a secluded area, overgrown with vegetation.

Many of the petroglyphs were covered by plants but the images could still be seen regardless. They are presumed to have been carved into the stones about 1500 years ago, which immediately led researchers to think that they were the work of a mysterious culture.

The so-called Arawak are likely the ones responsible, who ventured into those lands about 500-280 BC. Some of the drawings they've made are incredibly enigmatic and difficult to determine what they were, while others clearly represent animals and geometric shapes. One of the larger stones appears to have a humanlike visage carved into it.


Archaeologists also note that these petroglyphs aren't the oldest discoveries made there. Tools from other civilizations indicate that the area had already been conquered 2500 years ago. Later on, the Arawak settled there, leaving their images on the rock.