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The World's Most Dangerous Road is in BoliviaThe World's Most Dangerous Road is in Bolivia
16 Jan.
The old road in the province of Yungas, Bolivia is labeled as the most dangerous road in the world. It is about 44 miles (70 km) long and connects Coroico with La Paz. They call it the death road because every...
The Ship of Death - the Most Brutal Maritime Tragedy in the WorldThe Ship of Death - the Most Brutal Maritime Tragedy in the World
24 July
We've all heard of the sinking of the Titanic - a tragic story that has inspired numerous films and books. But do not be fooled that this was the most horrifying maritime disaster. German cruise ship Wilhelm...
Hindu mythology presents the world as a dream of the god VishnuHindu mythology presents the world as a dream of the god Vishnu
16 May
University, neurologist David Bohm and Karl Pribram. The world according to them is a giant hologram, designed by a higher dimension and we are moving into something like a dream. In the Book of Wisdom by Don Miguel Ruiz, he...
End of the worldEnd of the world
20 Sept.
house and to get my purse out of the truck.(I dont own a truck.) Then I changed the diaper on the lil baby which was at first my dog. Looking out of the open doorway I seen that the world wasnt going to end, the tornado's were gone and the morning sun was starting to shine....
The Most Famous AsteroidsThe Most Famous Asteroids
19 Nov.
, we know the orbits of about 4000 asteroids. Their total number probably exceeds a few million. Here are the most famous asteroids after Ceres. 87 Sylvia. It has a diameter of 162 miles. It was discovered on May 16...
The Most Common NightmaresThe Most Common Nightmares
07 Aug.
cases they have a specific meaning and interpretation. Here are the most common nightmares: Being naked - to dream of being naked in front of people is quite stressful. Such dreams usually occur in individuals...
The Food of the Ancient SpartansThe Food of the Ancient Spartans
27 Jan.
to come to the sistii already fed. Members of the lunch club watched each other eat and ridiculed those who didn't take a liking to the crude and disgusting food. The most widespread dish in Ancient Sparta that...
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
The find of a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts caused sensation throughout the world. It was spring 1947 when a group of Bedouin goat herders were searching the coast of the Dead Sea searching for a goat...
The Oldest Cities in the WorldThe Oldest Cities in the World
30 Aug.
of Aleppo, which according to historians is the most ancient, continuously populated city in the world. Today, however, it is the stage of civil war, with its fate and history uncertain. Below, you can see a list of...
Sumatran Amber - the Largest in the WorldSumatran Amber - the Largest in the World
17 Jan.
The Copenhagen House of Amber was recently included in the Guinness Book of World Records for housing the single largest chunk of amber in the world - the Sunstone. It was found by miners in 2014 in the region...
The Weirdest Ancient ArtifactsThe Weirdest Ancient Artifacts
07 Oct.
. Statue The most ancient statue crafted by humans that has ever been found comes from Germany - the Venus of Hohle Fels. It was crafted from ivory mammoth tusks and even though it is only 6 cm (2.4 in) tall, it...
The Mysterious World of DreamsThe Mysterious World of Dreams
31 May
and excite all. Mankind will not stop looking for hidden meanings of the strange and mysterious world of dreams....
The most depressing days of the yearThe most depressing days of the year
22 Sept.
and see no hope that things will get better if you are financially strapped, or have trouble at work and in love. The most dangerous day for lovers and couples is August 30. This is the day that all the factors that...
The Zodiac Signs That Lie the MostThe Zodiac Signs That Lie the Most
08 Aug.
it has died of old age. Pisces lie a lot but according to them, they are simply trying to imbed reality in the world of their fantasies. Pisces easily recognize a lie, since they are familiar with the methods of it...
The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!
29 Oct.
died immediately. Another option was to first pour hot water, then cold water over the victim until they died. But the most terrifying method was where the victim was hung over a cauldron of boiling water and gradually lowered into it. This way the execution could last for hours....

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